Action Beat ‎– The Book Of Debt

Fortissimo Records ‎– VL012
Cassette, Compilation


A-1 Car Crash Halloween Disco
A-2 Yeboah
A-3 Disappearing Man
A-4 Straight
A-5 Manic Face
A-6 Ibiza '96
A-7 Big Cowley
A-8 Burn
A-9 Toad
A-10 More Hookie
A-11 Dig The Hole
A-12 Terrifying Solo
A-13 Hass Yr Idols
A-14 High Action
B-1 Krang
B-2 Spoonfeed Hell
B-3 Solgunn
B-4 Kingy Beat
B-5 Glass Art Andrews
B-6 Deaf To F
B-7 Battista
B-8 Le Prat
B-9 Bletchley '79
B-10 Bergen To Bletchley
B-11 Battery


"1977-2007 Thirty Years of Hurt then us Cunts Exploded" (2007) = A10
"The Noise Band from Bletchley" (2009) = A5, A14, B6
"Unbelievable Fuck-Ups" (2010) = A8, A12, B8
"Beatings" (2010) = A1, A4, B1, B3, B10
"The Condition" (2012?) = A2, A6, A9, A13, B5, B7, B9, B11
"A Remarkable Machine" (2013) = A3, A11, B2
"Where are you?" (2013) = A7, B4
Previously Unreleased (2011) = B12

These mostly improvised recordings were made by the following musicians: Don McLean, James Carney, Lewis Webb, James Walsh, Jake Burton, Harry Taylor, Luke Webb, Peter Taylor, Danny Hawkins, Sam Hoyle, Beanie, Bianca Biblioni, Lewis McLean, Bryce, Armando, GW Sok, and those two franks from Austria.