Adam Young ‎– Voyager 1

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1 1977 4:47
2 Earth 4:41
3 Asteroid Belt 2:50
4 Jupiter 3:58
5 Europa 4:18
6 Saturn 4:55
7 Titan 4:04
8 Neptune 2:16
9 Pale Blue Dot 3:40
10 Interstellar Space 4:20


  • Songwriter, Producer, Composed ByAdam Young


"Voyager 1 is a space probe launched by NASA in 1977 as part of the Voyager program to study the outer Solar System. Having operated for the past 39 years, the spacecraft still communicates and returns data to us, and as of 2016, it is the farthest manmade object from Earth. When I picture Voyager 1 out there beyond our solar system, I can’t help but imagine the things it has seen on its journey. It’s flown by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and beyond. In 1990, it looked back and took an image known as the “Pale Blue Dot” which shows Earth 6 billion kilometers away, a tiny white speck suspended in the darkness of deep space. It was this breathtaking image that inspired me to create this score because it reminds me that life, as far as we know, is unique to our planet, and very fragile indeed." - Adam Young, October 1 2016


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August 11, 2018

One of my favourite scores! The album holds a few previously unreleased tracks by Mr. Young's Port Blue project. Three tracks are in fact early Port Blue productions - the opener '1977' is an edited version of the track 'Base Jumping', taken from the unreleased Port Blue EP 'The Pacific' (without the voiceovers used in the Port Blue version). 'Asteroid Belt' is a slightly edited version of the track 'June Bug' while 'Saturn' is also known as 'The Skybridge' by Port Blue fans. Furthermore 'Interstellar Space' is an edited version of the track 'Apple' by Adam's Insect Airport project.