Adda Schade ‎– Sverige Resa

Different Trains Records ‎– DT CD 006
CD, Album


1 Elchpark 4:42
2 AppleCat 3:38
3 FlowerDog 4:45
4 Edgar Wallace Auf Besuch In Schweden 1:56
5 Sten 6:43
6 Skog 3:45
7 Visjö 6:44
8 AppleCat (Eilzug Edit) 3:33


“Sverige Resa” is Adda Schade’s souvenir from a trip to Sweden. Between elks, swarms of mosquitos and curiosities like an outlet store in the middle of nowhere, it was the lake “Visjö” - surrounded by lonely paths and disrooted trees - that fascinated Adda the most. Whenever there was some time on his hands, he collected his impressions on his laptop. Back home with these sketches and ideas, he constructed a document which revives the memories of the recurring sounds of nature and the colors at the lake. And of the feeling of having some kind of home far away from one’s own familiar surroundings and the rest of the civilized world. All this led to seven pieces that commit themselves to ambient soundscapes as well as to ideas and rhythms of krautrock. It is the soundtrack to woods, roots and stones.

Composed & Produced by
Adda Schade
Photos by Adda Schade
Photos edited by Gennadi Isaak Designed by Simone Schneider