Aesop ‎– Fables From Aesop

Spoken Arts ‎– SA 955
Vinyl, LP


A1 The Eagle And The Bug 2:27
A2 The Crow And The Fox 0:44
A3 The Old Trout's Advice 1:06
A4 The Rooster, The Dog, And The Fox 2:15
A5 The Wolf And The Crane 0:46
A6 The Two Goats 1:10
A7 The Great Leap At Rhodes 0:56
A8 The Lion And The Fox 0:48
A9 The Crow And The Pitcher 1:02
A10 The Big Game Hunter 0:40
A11 The Fox And The Rooster 1:24
A12 The Donkey Who Didn't Care 1:14
A13 Thew Fox Who Learned To Divide 1:41
A14 The Wolf And The Lioness 0:48
A15 The Mother Crayfish And Her Daughter 0:59
A16 The Bat And The Cats 1:32
A17 The Eagle, The Cat, And The Pig 2:03
A18 The Dog And The Meat 0:38
A19 The Elephant's Speech 1:16
B1 The Snake's Tail 1:48
B2 The Crow And The Clam 1:21
B3 The Bull And The Bug 0:48
B4 The Fox, The Wolf, And The Horse 2:00
B5 The Lion And The Leopard 0:47
B6 The Wolf And And His Shadow 1:15
B7 The Dog And His Master's Dinner 1:06
B8 The Mice In A Meeting 1:50
B9 The Eagle And The Fox 1:24
B10 The Thief And The Watchdog 0:54
B11 The Lion And The Boar 1:17
B12 The Rabbit And The Turtle 1:16
B13 The Turtle Who Wanted To Fly 1:36
B14 The Cat And The Fox 1:01
B15 The Ant And The Grasshopper 1:04
B16 The Snake And The File 0:38
B17 The Lion And The Mouse 0:46
B18 The Donkey, The Dog, And The Wolf 1:13
B19 The Two Men And The Ax 1:17