Agathocles, Masher (2), Rot ‎– 3 Way Tape

Cassette, Album, Numbered


A1 Agathocles Razor Sharp Daggers
A2 Agathocles Cheers Mankind Cheers
A3 Agathocles Lay Off Me
A4 Agathocles A For Arrogance
A5 Agathocles Thy Kingdom Won't Come
A6 Agathocles Christianity Means Tyranny
A7 Agathocles Trust? Not Me!
A8 Agathocles Didn't Ask
A9 Masher (2) There's Not Alternative
A10 Masher (2) To Live Is To Destroy
A11 Masher (2) Everything Is Controlled
A12 Masher (2) Bloody Gangs
A13 Masher (2) To Resist - Hard Struggle
A14 Masher (2) Traditions Are Impositions
A15 Masher (2) My Appearence
A16 Masher (2) Nuclear Trash
A17 Masher (2) Fallen Gods
A18 Masher (2) No Beans... No Breads
A19 Masher (2) G.U.N.
A20 Masher (2) Mutilation
B1 Masher (2) Take The Like
B2 Masher (2) Say No!!!
B3 Masher (2) Gods Punishment
B4 Masher (2) Walking To The Chaos
B5 Masher (2) Change Yourself
B6 Masher (2) South America
B7 Masher (2) Goodness
B8 Masher (2) Modern Thieves
B9 Masher (2) Life Is Life
B10 Masher (2) That Is Going Too Far
B11 Masher (2) Conclusion
B12 Rot Face The Facts
B13 Rot The Root Of All Crimes
B14 Rot Subversive Not Alternative
B15 Rot Fatality?
B16 Rot Silly Values
B17 Rot Removing The Mask
B18 Rot Living To Deceive
B19 Rot It Isn't Your Problem
B20 Rot Where's My Happiness?
B21 Rot The Hideous Poet


Hand numbered in ball-point pen /300

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