Ahlzagailzehguh ‎– Hard To Return

Collapsed Hole ‎– CHN26
Cassette, C120
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition


Limited edition of 16 copies. Painted tape housed in a VHS box including two Collapsed Hole stickers, a Colapsed Hole discography and photos from a 1950s hunting magazine.

Track A1 originally appeared on the split cassette with Viodre on Collapsed Hole, 2008.
Tracks A2 to A6 were originally released as the Disrupting Resistance cassette on Monorail Trespassing, 2005
Track A7 originally appeared on the split double cassette with Romance, Maim and Impregnable on Callow God, 2005.
Track A8 originally appeared on the Sole Possession split cassette with Impregnable on Callow God, 2006.
Tracks A9 and A10 were originally released as the Enemy Of The Future cassette on Truculent Recordings, 2007.
Track A11 originally appeared on the Ahlzviodre collaboration cassette with Viodre on Throne Heap, 2008.
Track B1 originally appeared on the Black Destination double cassette on Truculent Recordings, 2004.
Track B2 originally appeared on the Ideomotor Effect cassette on Chondritic Sound, 2009
Tracks B3, B4, B8 to B15 and B18 originally appeared on the Music For Handi-Capped Ears, Vol. 2 cassette on Collapsed Hole, 2008.
Track B5 originally appeared on the L.O.D. compilation double cassette on Callow God, 2007.
Track B6 originally appeared on the Water Like Witch's Oils cassette, on Trash Ritual, 2007
Track B7 originally appeared on the Misinterpreted Injury double 7"on Razors And Medicine, 2008.
Tracks B16 and B17 originally appeared as the Hard To Return cassette included with the special edition of the Bypassing Time Passing LP on Hospital Productions, 2007.