Alan Hovhaness ‎– Janabar Talin Shambala

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Janabar 'Journey' Op. 81 (1950)
A1 I. Fantasy 11:54
A2 II. Yerk 'Song' 8:07
A3 III. Toccata 3:22
A4 IV. Sharagan 'Hymn' 8:47
A5 V. Tapor 'Processional' 4:47
Talin Op. 93 (1951)
A6 I. Chant 6:33
A7 II. Estampie 1:51
A8 III. Canzona 7:54
Shambala Op. 228 (1969)
A9 Shambala 45:00
Interviews And Talking: Alan Hovhaness And Antony Hopkins
A10 Are You A Christian? 2:09
A11 I Always Loved Mountains 1:15
A12 Long Walks 3:06
A13 A Kind Of Visionary Experience 1:11
A14 Talking About Alan Hovhaness
Narrator – Antony Hopkins
A15 John Cage Had Been There 3:12
A16 I Learned The Shō 4:58
A17 The String Orchestra 2:04
A18 Trumpet... Voice Of A Priest 1:23
A19 Armenian Music Led Me To India 3:43
A20 Shankar The Dancer 0:34
A21 Universal Quality Of Music 2:43
Janabar 'Journey' Op. 81 (1950)
B1 I. Fantasy 11:54
Talin Op. 93 (1951)
B2 II. Estampie 1:51
Shambala Op. 228 (1969)
B3 Shambala 45:00



Twelfth in a series with previously unreleased works by well-known composers, this 126-minute 96 kHz 24 bit DualDisc features the world premiere recordings of Alan Hovhaness's Shambala and Janabar in addition to the first digital recording of Talin and commentaries by the composer. The CD side contains only Shambala in addition to single movements from the other two works.

There is a PDF containing further track notes which can be accessed on the CD side of the disc. Since the CD side of the DualDisc format is not recognized by all CD players or computers, access to the audio and PDF may vary.