Albert Barouh, Theodore O. Cron ‎– American History In Ballad And Song Vol.1

Folkways Records ‎– FH 5801
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


I-1 Pete Seeger Washer Lad
I-2 Pete Seeger Shamrock
I-3 Peggy Seeger When I Was Single
II-1 Hermes Nye Ballad of Tea Party
II-2 Ed McCurdy The Liberty Song
II-3 Ed McCurdy The Dying Sergeant
II-4 Hermes Nye Battle of Saratoga
II-5 Ed McCurdy Cornwallis Burgoyned
III-1 Pete Seeger Buffalo Skinner
III-2 Hermes Nye Davy Crockett
III-3 Pete Seeger Sioux Indians
III-4 Pete Seeger Greer County Bachelor
III-5 Logan English Crossing the Plains
III-6 Pete Seeger The Cowboy Yodel
IV-1 Pete Seeger Free Elections
IV-2 Ed McCurdy Jefferson & Liberty
IV-3 Ed McCurdy Andrew Jackson
IV-4 Elizabeth Knight Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?
IV-5 Pete Seeger No Irish Need Apply
IV-6 Ed McCurdy The Harrison Song
V-1 Wallace House Hail Africa Band
V-2 Hermes Nye Abolitionist Song
V-3 Hermes Nye Bonnie Blue Flag
V-4 Hermes Nye Cumberland Crew
V-5 Hermes Nye General Patterson
V-6 Hermes Nye In Charleston Jail
V-7 Hermes Nye All Quiet Along the Potomac
V-8 Hermes Nye Lincoln and Liberty
V-9 Hermes Nye Old Rebel
VI-1 Pete Seeger Pittsburgh Town
VI-2 Pete Seeger The Blind Fiddler
VI-3 Pete Seeger Eight Hour Day
VI-4 Pete Seeger My Children are Seven in Number
VI-5 Pete Seeger Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine
VI-6 Pete Seeger Cotton Mill Colic
VI-7 Pete Seeger Mill Mother's Lament
VI-8 Pete Seeger The Death of Harry Simms
VI-9 Pete Seeger TVA Song
VI-10 No Artist Inflation
VII-1 Pete Seeger Sixty Per Cent
VII-2 Pete Seeger Raggedy
VII-3 Pete Seeger Seven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat
VII-4 Woody Guthrie Dust Storm Disaster
VIII-1 Wallace House Old England Forty Years Ago
VIII-2 Wallace House The Hunters of Kentucky
VIII-3 Hermes Nye Santa Anna
VIII-4 Hermes Nye Roll Alabama Roll
VIII-5 Jerry Silverman Cuba Libre
VIII-6 Woody Guthrie The Flood and the Storm
VIII-7 Prisoners on a Texas Prison Farm Well, What a Time!
IX-1 No Artist Japanese Buddhist Service
IX-2 No Artist Indian (Hindu) Religious Hymn
IX-3 No Artist Moslem Hymn
IX-4 Arthur Samuels It's the Same All Over
IX-5 The Grail Singers To I Hola
IX-6 The Grail Singers Erdo
IX-7 The Grail Singers Ntabezikude