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March 9, 2008
referencing Keep On Trying / Power Of Hypnosis, 12", BOR 2

Interesting release.

"Keep On Trying". This is a starter. Semi-good pads start off, followed by a really nice phat distorted kick and some claps. Pretty boring so far, yeah even with the stab. Slightly boring breakdown too, but the lyrics are pretty nice. The piano is absolutely great though, i really do rate the piano, very nice. I can tell by the peak and the rest of the song that it's a little "Laid Back". Not so much energy erupting from it, but this track was still a very good milestone in happy hardcore history, although everyone played slipmatts version, and the odd dj would play brisk's remix. But i stand by my guns and i say Alchemist's remix would be the best to date. You just need to listen and compare, in my opinion, much superior over any other mix completed.

"Power Of Hypnosis". Quite a mysterious and i dare-say weird track. It starts off with chimey synths, and a weird (un suitable) hardish bass comes in. Big distorted phat kick, boring stab progression im afriad. The only really good thing about this track is the amazing breakdowns. Unbelievably uplifting and subtle. When the breakdown "Finally" hits, it really changes your mind about the track. Very nice chimes, with some kind of acoustic guitar, again, not the best sample of a guitar, but anyway, Amazing right here. All the rest of the breakdowns are really really good. But the last half of the track is utterly horrible, boring. It seems as if this track is starting up again. The chord progression here is so boring it hurts, it just keeps going on and on and is not happy or uplifting at all. Just because of this reason (and a tab too many others), it makes me not want to drop the track. Unfortunate, the beutiful acoustic guitar melody and those chimes were making this track on the road to a real winner, way to screw it up.

As noted, in both tunes, arrangement was somewhat poor (more notably in the second), and there was a few problems, small and big here and there. But you really have to love them, you can't help but not. Especially the breakdowns in Power of Hypnosis, and do not forget that brilliant piano in Keep On Trying.

Confusing, yet satisfying.


August 20, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
referencing Keep On Trying / Power Of Hypnosis, 12", BOR 2

"Keep On Trying" is one of my fave happy hardcore tracks of all time. It is highly under-rated and is a superb example of quality happy hardcore. Fantastic piano patterns, lush deep chords and the catchy sampled vocals made this a big big track for me!