Aleksi Perälä ‎– The Colundi Sequence

AP Musik ‎– APMU4
2 × DVDr
2 × CDr
All Media, Compilation


The Colundi Sequence Level 1
DVD1-1 GBBVT1337012 8:19
DVD1-2 GBBVT1337022 9:25
DVD1-3 GBBVT1337032 8:26
DVD1-4 GBBVT1337042 9:35
DVD1-5 GBBVT1337052 5:53
DVD1-6 GBBVT1337062 4:37
DVD1-7 GBBVT1337072 5:31
DVD1-8 GBBVT1337082 6:33
DVD1-9 GBBVT1337092 6:01
DVD1-10 GBBVT1337102 5:23
DVD1-11 GBBVT1337112 1:36
The Colundi Sequence Level 2
DVD2-1 GBBVT1337122 8:09
DVD2-2 GBBVT1337132 5:45
DVD2-3 GBBVT1337142 5:16
DVD2-4 GBBVT1337152 5:31
DVD2-5 GBBVT1337162 7:09
DVD2-6 GBBVT1337172 6:01
DVD2-7 GBBVT1337182 5:18
DVD2-8 GBBVT1337192 5:10
DVD2-9 GBBVT1337202 6:33
DVD2-10 GBBVT1337212 6:46
Mental Union 4
CD1-1 Alek-sea 1:46
CD1-2 Welcome 2:14
CD1-3 Japan 2:51
CD1-4 Stay In The Car 4:38
CD1-5 Death By Stereo 5:33
CD1-6 Thinking Of You 5:57
CD1-7 L.E.D. 4:12
CD1-8 Pedal Box 5:06
CD1-9 Blue Haze 3:06
CD1-10 House Train 5:21
CD1-11 Dust 4:13
CD1-12 Arrival 3:53
CD1-13 Feb March 5:47
CD1-14 Ice 3:08
CD1-15 Fragments 3:35
CD1-16 Runway 3:01
CD1-17 Seminar 4:01
CD1-18 Tape Station 10 2:48
CD1-19 Bye 2:18
Ovuca Bonus
CD2-1 Transport Phenomenon 6:35
CD2-2 Mean Squared Displacement 6:13
CD2-3 Kinetic Theory 6:39
CD2-4 Molecular Viscosity 6:14
CD2-5 Stochastic Process 6:10
CD2-6 Transmutation 8:52
CD2-7 Hydrophobic Effect 6:42
CD2-8 Fluorescence 3:28
CD2-9 Biogenesis 2:59
CD2-10 Dynamic Light Scattering 4:48
CD2-11 Brownian Motion 5:03


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January 27, 2015
Amazed by this release.


November 26, 2014
edited over 3 years ago

Finally got my hands on this, make sure you do too. Aleksi's records are pretty rare and contain some very clever programming and mind blowing experimentation.


May 25, 2014

I've been on sites like this, amazon, etc. where reviews can be made, "for as long as the internet has been around" (that'll be a future phrase). This is the first review I have ever made.
When you think that music can go no further Aleksi Perala comes out with something that opens your eyes just a bit more. Many tracks on the Ovuca bonus seem to create rhythms and melodies that are outside of the music. The Mental Union 4 disc is the easiest to like, very accessible. The Colundi Sequence 1 & 2? This truly is brain musik.


April 14, 2014
Sold out immediately, come on someone, hurry up and put one on eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


April 7, 2014
The full release title is "The Colundi Sequence 1 & 2 / Mental Union 4 / Ovuca Bonus".
Supposedly limited to 300 copies. The four discs are packaged in a transparent DVD case.
This is maybe home-made: discs are burnt, not pressed, there is no barcode, no copyright notice, no label info or cat number.
The DVDs are data discs with 24bit / 96kHz .wav files.

NB: i wanted to post this in the "Release Notes" but discogs won't let me...