Alex K. Katz ‎– Titanium Steel

Form Recordings ‎– FORM12014
2 × Vinyl, 12"


A1 Titanium Steel 6:54
B1 Westside F*ckers 7:04
B2 Movie 7:34
C1 Seek&destroy (The Mission) 6:41
C2 Falcon 7:34
D1 Envenom 7:08
D2 Deepinyourhead 7:08



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June 20, 2010
If you have wet dreams of being locked-up with Freddy Kruger in a windowless, moist chamber with rusty steel pavement and walls of cold concrete dipped in sulphoric acid, then you must own this. You wake up, and feel the blood dripping down your aching forehead. You still have no clue whatsoever as to what is going on around you. Then, you notice sharp, incisive and jagged pieces of metal tearing little shreds of skin off your chest. You beg for him to stop, but he doesn't. You want to wake up, but it doesn't work. It seems like you've already woken up, but there is no palpable difference between dreams and sober reality. By the time Freddy shoves his spike fingers through your nostrils so he can tickle the back of your eyeballs, you're either accustomed to the excruciating pain and are determined to go through the remainder of this release (sides C & D), or you have totally succumbed to the torture inflicted upon your physical frame, thus concluding that sides A & B would be enough.

Not to make it seem like I'm off to some lala land with this observation, Alex K. Katz brings forth a tense, acoustically dense and demanding double pack loaded with harsh, hard and uplifting techno for the wildest moments of your vintage techno party. All tracks follow the pounding four on the floor formula, with plenty breaks, tweaked out filter knobs and resonator tricks. Crumbly and crunchy, repetitve techno, which despite its obvious aim to wreck clubs and linear drive, doesn't come across as colorless, due to many crazy vocals used, and coroded, reprobate and metallic sequences. Vintage deviant electronics from the turn of the century. Listening to this double pack makes me feel like a morally unprincipled person predestined to damnation, and I am fond of it too!