Alex North ‎– Alex North At The Movies

Label "X" ‎– ATM CD 2004


1 Overture (Tracks 1-8: Cheyenne Autumn-Warner Bros., 1965)
2 Main Title
3 Friend Deborah; Waiting for Supplies
4 The Battle
5 Dodge City
6 Cattle Drive
7 The People
8 End Title & End Cast
9 Main Titles (Tracks 9-13: Dragonslayer-Disney/Paramount, 1981)
10 Valerian & Galen's Romance
11 Ulrich's Death; Mourning
12 Destroy that Amulet; Ulrich Explodes; Vermithrax's Plunge
13 The White Horse; Into the Sunset
14 Overture (Tracks 14-26: Cinerama South Seas Adventure-Carl Dudley/Cinerama, 1957)
15 Journey to Hawaii
16 Ted & Kay
17 Surf Riding
18 Start of Te Vega's Voyage
19 King Neptune
20 Trip to Tonga
21 Head Diver Sequence
22 Driving Through New Zealand
23 Welcome
24 Kangaroo Roundup
25 Finale
26 End Credits


Cheyenne Autumn is a 1964 Western movie starring Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, James Stewart, and Edward G. Robinson. Regarded as an epic film, it tells the story of a factual event, the Northern Cheyenne Exodus of 1878-9, although it is told in 'Hollywood style' using a great deal of artistic license. The film was the last Western directed by John Ford, who proclaimed it an elegy for the Native Americans who had been abused by the U.S. government and misrepresented by many of the director's own films.
Dragonslayer is a 1981 American fantasy film directed by Matthew Robbins, from a screenplay he co-wrote with Hal Barwood. It stars Peter MacNicol, Ralph Richardson, John Hallam and Caitlin Clarke. The story, set in a fictional medieval kingdom, follows a young wizard who experiences danger and opposition as he attempts to defeat a dragon.
Cinerama South Seas Adventure.The fifth in a series of Cinerama travelogues---and not a Documentary since the vast majority of the film, aside from the scenery, is comprised of fictional stories. The first one involves an American girl, on a cruise to Hawaii, who makes friends with another American girl who lives in Hawaii. The first girl meets the second girl's family, and the Hawaiian-girl's brother takes an interest in her. The second segment follows the skipper of a sailing vessel taking the route followed by Captain Cook; the next concerns an artist who paints the sights of Tahiti; An American ex-G.I, stationed in New Zealand during World Warr II, returns for a real visit; and the finale is about a group of settlers arriving in the Australian out-back, and the value of the two-way radio.The 120-minute running time includes a 15-minute intermission, as part of the listed running-time. (Wikipedia/IMDB)