Alexander Laszlo / Vincent Price (2) ‎– This World - Tomorrow

Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Mono, Blue

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Subtitled "A musical panorama for Symphony Orchestra, Male Choir, Narration, Sound and Electronics".

"The story of "This World-Tomorrow". This new world is not only imagination. It is fulfillment. Fulfillment in every respect: in development-never dreamed before-, in the use of nature to serve mankind and the ultimate in the way of life: Universal Love. In this Musical Panorama a man of today is led by his future self from the Twentyfirst Century. After a musical introduction based on "This World-Tommorw" Fanfares and sung by the demanding voices of the Choir of Maknind, the two identities of the immortal Soul are speeding by musical Monorail into the future. Driven by curiosity and enthusiasm they live through, step by step, many phases of living conditions of the Space Age. Speed-only relative to time-is an important part of life. This inspiration sounds through the "100 A minute-No Limit" automobile drive that is dashed off by the virtuoso violins.

The clickety-click take-over from actual MFP (Multiple Frequency Pulsing) sound of the long distance phone to the symphonic musical development. The ecstatic blast-off of a space rocket where the music carries you away on a magic carpet to the state of weightlessness-a psychological effect by electrosonic music. There is a characteristic Spanish rhythm of brass and percussions-a Worldwide Broadcast from South America-received all over the world. In the "Computer Robot"-mathematical problems are solved- illustrated by electronic sounds and music. The "Atom of Humanity" portrays the process of atomic energy complicated but exciting mixtures of sounds from a reactor, incorporated into the music. No-we didn't forget the dance craze of the world of tommorow: "The Dapper Dandler"... And at last, the Grand March in which the optimistic "Tommorow's world" motif is emphasized by the Voices of Mankind and the symphonic ensemble to a glorious Finale."