Alexis de Tocqueville Read By Anthony Quayle ‎– Democracy In America

Caedmon Records ‎– TC 2039
2 × Vinyl, LP, Stereo


A1 Author's Preface 7:16
A2 The Social Condition Of The Anglo-Americans 14:19
A3 Effects Of The Local System Of Government 4:08
B1 Federal Judiciary Power And The Supreme Court 8:35
B2 The Right Of Political Association 4:20
B3 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Universal Suffrage; Sacrifices Required Of A Democracy 10:06
C1 Chauvinism Of Americans; The Principle Of Individual Rights; The True Advantages Of Democracy 16:25
C2 Disadvantages Incurred By Unlimited Power Of The Majority; Refusal To Obey Unjust Laws; Inadequate Securities Against Tyranny 10:08
D1 Majority Suppression Of Freedom Of Opinion And Discussion 11:33
D2 Causes Mitigating The Tyranny Of The Majority 3:17
D3 Recapitulation Of Circumstances Contributing To Maintenance Of American Democratic Republic 1:04
D4 Other Nations' Limited Choice Between Political Systems; Inadvisability Of Copying Identical Forms Of American Democracy 2:56
D5 The Chances Of Duration Of The Union; Dangers Which Threaten 4:28
D6 Future Prospects Of The United States 2:30