Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly ‎– "Selections From "One Way Doomsday Trip To Nowhere, The Complete Recordings Of Alfred Bizarro To Be Exactly: 1996-98"

Forty-Seven Records ‎– n/a
CD, Album, Promo


1 Curious Humming Sound, Ayahuasca, Long-Tailed Lizard Robot Guy, He Is A Vision Man 6:29
2 Alfred Bizarro Vs. Ed McMahon, Scottie's Gone Shopping, Sinala Doesn't Get It, Sixth Piece 7:02
3 Alfred Bizarro Drives To The Rockland Bakery (During A Nuclear War), Discarded Love Theme From James Cameron's Titanic, Worcester Night, Excerpt One (Sharp Blades Pierce Skin) 7:19
4 Bound By Paradigms, Dairy Section, Waiting For Chris 2:38
5 Alfred Bizarro Goes To Store 24 For Some Ice Cream, Is This Still A Song?, At The Heart Of The Rave, A Clockwork Alfred 5:46
6 Looks Thee Upon Those Seeds Of A Bicycle, Ca-Coon 3:29
7 If They Told You There Was Caramel They Were Lying, Third Piece 5:33
8 Alfred Bizarro Vs. Ed McMahon (Epilogue), Wart 2:43
9 Don Henley, Stinger Appears Between/Communism Or Kids (A), Second Piece, Stinger Appears Between/Communism Or Kids (B) 3:47
10 Techno Nashville, Comet Hale-Bopp, Rob Thinks This One Would've Been Better If He Was On It, Porygon, Excerpt Seven (Skinnyman) 7:59
11 Excerpt Six (Machete), The Love Song Of J. Alfred Bizarro 3:14
12 One Way Doomsday Trip To Nowhere, Expensive Cats Don't Boogie They Just Twitch Microscopically, Peter Cottontail, Fact Is I Need Your Help Desperately 4:30
13 Lecture, Autumn In Hillsdale, Seventh Piece, Gas For Avalon, Perfusely Too 7:40