All DJs Unite ‎– Vol 7 - Turbo Beats, Samples, And Battle Cuts

Turbo Beat ‎– TBBC-7
Vinyl, LP

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Indo Side
A1 Ace's Base Beat 2:30
A2 Shaq Attack Beats 2:29
A3 Smokin' Indo Beat 2:30
A4 Hit 'Em Again Beats 2:29
A5 Ringin' Beats 2:29
A6 "It's Funky Enough" Acapella 0:42
A7 Scratch Pad 0:25
A8 25 Samples & Scratches 2:02
A8.1 "Isn't That New. . . What Is It?"
A8.2 "Give It Up Y'All"
A8.3 "Aaah Yeah"
Voice – Chuck D
A8.4 "Uh 1 2"
A8.5 "Rollin' In My Six-Four"
Voice – Snoop*
A8.6 "Wit All The Homies Sayin'"
Voice – Dre*
A8.7 Whatta Man Chorus
Voice – En Vogue
A8.8 "That's Not It"
Voice – En Vogue
A8.9 "Now Check Him Out"
Voice – En Vogue
A8.10 Transformed "Yeah"
A8.11 "Roll It Up, Blaze It Up, Pass It Around"
A8.12 "Goddamn, This Is Yummy"
A8.13 "Music Please"
Voice – Shaq*
A8.14 "Let The Rhythm Take You"
A8.15 "For My Next Number, I'd Like To Return To The Classics"
A8.16 "Microphone Commander, Hip-House Dancer . . ."
A8.17 "Get Off The Walls As Sound Get Louder . . ."
A8.18 "Ho!!!"
A8.19 "Cause If You Don't Like One Jam . . ."
A8.20 "I Ain't New To This Fool"
A8.21 "Boom, Bang, I Drop Phat Slang"
A8.22 "Huh! Ha! - What's Up"
A8.23 "Bullshit & Party . . ."
A8.24 "Tick-tick-tock-tick"
A8.25 "The Possession Of One's Mind By The Devil . . ."
Ganja Side
B1 Jingle Beats 2:28
B2 Clapping Beats 2:31
B3 Mad Dog Beats 2:30
B4 Gettin' Serious Beats 2:31
B5 Go-Go Beats 2:33
B6 Shoutin' Scratchin' Battlecut 0:45
B7 25 Samples & Scratches 3:25
B7.1 "Today I Wrote A Poem . . ."
B7.2 "Everybody Get Down"
B7.3 "What's Your Name?"
B7.4 "If You Don't Use It, You Lose It"
B7.5 Hip-Hop-Apella
B7.6 "The Act Of Soaking . . ."
B7.7 "You Snooze, You Lose"
B7.8 "Now For A Moment Of Scilence"
B7.9 "Pump You Fists, Do Like This"
B7.10 Synth Stab
B7.11 "Feels Good Scratchin'"
B7.12 "Well, Alright Everybody"
B7.13 "Whomp-do-baluba-whomp-bamboom" (Shout)
B7.14 "Whomp-do-baluba-whomp-bamboom"
Voice – Cypress Hill
B7.15 "Check Out My Melody"
B7.16 "Now Let's Preceed To Blow Shit Up"
B7.17 "Rip It"
B7.18 Car Alarm
B7.19 "With Ya Bad Self, Say It Loud"
Voice – James Brown
B7.20 "There's A New Groove, A New Thing"
Voice – JB*
B7.21 "Lookie Here . . ."
Voice – JB*
B7.22 "How Ya Like Me Now"
Voice – JB*
B7.23 "Funky!"
Voice – JB*
B7.24 "Can I Count It Off"
Voice – JB*
B7.25 "Fellas, I Wanna Do My Thang"
Voice – JB*



Turbo Beats, Samples, & Battle Cuts is Da Shit for all Hip-Hop and underground DJ's worldwide. Dope Beats to mix in and out of and to overlay over your favorite cuts. Hype samples and battle cuts to create your own remixes in clubs, mobile setups, and in studios. If you want to mix, scratch, or sample, this record is for you