All DJs Unite ‎– Vol 8 - Turbo Beats, Samples, And Battle Cuts

Turbo Beat ‎– TBBC-8
Vinyl, LP


A1 Born To Roll Beats 2:32
A2 Strange Beats 2:31
A3 Fast & Funky Beats 2:31
A4 Gangsta Beats 2:34
A5 8th Whistle Beats 2:29
A7 "The Rhythm, The Rebel" Acapella 0:29
A7.1 25 Samples And Scratches 2:07
A7.2 "Groovy"
A7.3 "Jazzy"
A7.4 "Ladies & Gentlemen"
A7.5 "Blue Note Records"
A7.6 Horn Stab
A7.7 "Everybody In The Street, Get Down To The Funky Beat"
A7.8 Synth Line
A7.9 "Pass The Mic"
A7.10 "Hhuhh!"
A7.11 "Uuh"
A7.12 "Yes!"
A7.13 I'm The Master Rapper & Toe Tapper"
A7.14 "One More Thang I Got To Say"
A7.15 "For The 1994's"
A7.16 Shake That. . .Til You Can't No More"
A7.17 "This Is What You Came Here For"
A7.18 "Everybody Spread Love" 2x
A7.19 "6 Million Ways To Die, Choose One" 2x
A7.20 "It's Because Of You"
A7.21 "This Stuff Is Really @#$!*?"
A7.22 "That Mutha Fucka's Hype"
A7.23 "Aaahh Freakout!"
A7.24 "Hello Boys & Girls"
A7.25 "Our National Anthem"
B1 What's My Name Beats 2:30
B2 Sudden Change Beats 2:30
B3 Ally City Beats 2:30
B4 Thinkin' About You Beats 2:24
B5 Wake Up Beats 2:28
B6 "Fly Girl" Battlecut 1:29
B7 25 Samples And Scratches 1:50
B7.1 Kick Drum
B7.2 "Hey Boy!"
B7.3 "80.000 Screaming Kids Are Dancing In The Aisles"
B7.4 Stab
B7.5 "Are You Ready?"
B7.6 "Oooww!"
B7.7 "I Wonder What That Shit Would Sound Like"
B7.8 "And Now The Time Has Come"
B7.9 "The Best"
B7.10 "Yo!"
B7.11 "Breakdown!"
B7.12 "Our Primary Objective Is To Keep The Groove"
B7.13 "Good"
B7.14 "Oww"
B7.15 Hip-Hop Efx
B7.16 "Huh, What?"
B7.17 "Shake It Baby"
B7.18 "Shake That Ass Bitch And Let Me See What You Got"
B7.19 "Hold The Beat, Stop The Beat, Drop The Beat"
B7.20 "Get On Up"
B7.21 "Get In To It"
B7.22 "Move Your Body To The Beat"
B7.23 Falling Scream
B7.24 "Rock The House, Ya'll"
B7.25 "Alright, You Got It"



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January 6, 2013
<i>Turbo Beats, Samples, & Battle Cuts is Da Shit for all Hip-Hop and underground DJ's worldwide. Dope Beats to mix in and out of and to overlay over your favorite cuts. Hype samples and battle cuts to create your own remixes in clubs, mobile setups, and in studios. If you want to mix, scratch, or sample, this record is for you</i>