All DJs Unite ‎– Vol 9 - Turbo Beats, Samples, And Battle Cuts

Turbo Beat ‎– TBBC-9
Vinyl, LP


Rollin' Side
A1 Sweet Pataoe Pie Loop-96 BPM 2:37
A2 Imported Zep Beats-94 BPM 2:29
A3 Xscaping Beats-104 BPM 2:29
A4 Loser Beats-88 BPM 2:29
A5 Explosive Beats-122 BPM 2:29
A6 Beat Box Battlecut-106 BPM 1:00
A7 "Sweet Pataoe Pie" Acapella 3:49
A8 25 Samples And Scratches 1:35
A8.1 "I'm In The Mood For Love"
A8.2 "Like That Y'all"
A8.3 "1-2-3"
A8.4 "Ooohh-Weee!"
A8.5 "I'm That Guy, You're So Fly"
A8.6 "Cannonball Bass"
A8.7 "Aah Ha-there It Is"
A8.8 "Pump, Pump, Pump - Pump It Up"
A8.9 "Give It Up, Give It Up, Give It Up, Yo"
A8.10 "Ooop-There It Is"
A8.11 "Drum Fill"
A8.12 "Ooww, Daddy, Please"
A8.13 "Aahhh!, But It Hurts So Good"
A8.14 "This Is A Journey In To Sound"
A8.15 "Partytime!"
A8.16 "Pump It Up Some"
A8.17 "Yeah Boy"
A8.18 "Get Down"
A8.19 "Let's Get Scratchin'"
A8.20 "I Am The Greatest"
A8.21 "Listen To The Disc Jockey"
A8.22 "Don't Try To Apprehend Them"
A8.23 "Ooh, Aah"
A8.24 "Let's Do It "
A8.25 "We Came Here To Rock The Party"
Deep Side
B1 Back And Forth Beats-96 BPM 2:28
B2 Percussive Beats-114 BPM 2:30
B3 Dre Machine Beats-96 BPM 2:29
B4 D-Nice Loop-100 BPM 2:33
B5 Conga Beats-106 BPM 2:28
B6 "Give It Up" Acapella 2:21
B7 25 More Samples And Scratches 1:33
B7.1 "Everybody, Shake Your Body"
B7.2 "Shake It To The Rhythm Of The Beat Box"
B7.3 "There's No Need To Fear"
B7.4 "Here We Go Again"
B7.5 "Oooww"
B7.6 "Let's Rock This Party Y'all"
B7.7 "We'll Be Right Back, After This Word"
B7.8 "How Do They Do That?"
B7.9 "Get Fresh"
B7.10 Stab
B7.11 "In The Place To Be"
B7.12 "You Gotta Get Up, You Gotta Get Down"
B7.13 "Uuh, Uuh, Baby"
B7.14 "Hey D.J."
B7.15 "Gimme A Fat Beat"
B7.16 "Somebody Scream!!!"
B7.17 "Pump Up The Bass!!!"
B7.18 "Give'em What They Want"
B7.19 "There's No Escape From This House"
B7.20 "Turn Up The Music"
B7.21 "Ooohh La La"
B7.22 "1-2-3-Kick It"
B7.23 "We Have Such Sights To Show You"
B7.24 "Time To Play"
B7.25 "Me So Horny" Girl



Turbo Beats, Samples, & Battle Cuts is Da Shit for all Hip-Hop and underground DJ's worldwide. Dope Beats to mix in and out of and to overlay over your favorite cuts. Hype samples and battle cuts to create your own remixes in clubs, mobile setups, and in studios. If you want to mix, scratch, or sample, this record is for you.