Alldeutsches Rundfunk Orchester, J. Peters* ‎– 40 German Melodies

Madacy ‎– MIC-701


A1 While Unter Den Linden
A2 Always Keep Next To The Wall
A3 I Am Just A Poor Wanderer
A4 When You Think The Moon Goes Down
A5 The Magic Of The Uniform
A6 Guitars Play On
A7 Tied Hands
A8 Is That Something
A9 Good Bye, It Would Have Been Too Beautiful
A10 Baby You Are The Light Of My Eyes
A11 Grandma
A12 I Was At Frieda's House Today
A13 Why Do You Lie Cherie?
A14 Pilots' March
A15 When You See My Aunt
A16 The Silly Horseman
A17 We Are Selling Our Grandma's Little House
A18 Seagull Fly To Helgoland
A19 Georgie Please Buy Me A Car
A20 When We Part Softly Say Servus
B1 A Toast To Friendliness
B2 Unter Den Linden (A Well-Known Street In Berlin)
B3 It Happened In Schoneberg
B4 I Have Such Funny Dreams
B5 I Kissed You Once
B6 That's What The Girls Like
B7 For You
B8 Piccolo, Chin, Chin, Chin
B9 Praise To The Tranquil Night
B10 Hello Cute Telephone Operator
B11 Come Into My Bower Of Love
B12 You Can't Be True Dear
B13 There Is A Lumber Auction In The Grunewald
B14 Silent Lips
B15 Egerlander March
B16 Hello One And All
B17 Why Cry When Parting?
B18 Is There No Chair For My Hulda?
B19 We Are Braiding You A Maiden's Wreath
B20 Long Shall He Live!

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