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September 13, 2018
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The tracks on this 1986 debut tape are the first recordings on Tascam 4-Track cassette by ACL; some tracks (like "Metamorphosis") were recorded in 1985, a year prior to release date. ACL was a quintet at the time consisting of Pere Negative (also in MNLF), Mark Perry (Audio Sect, based in Vacaville, California, at the time), and GFS3 (aka Rick Stratton III, aka Rick Price, from CARBON 14) and Brad Tyrell (CARBON 14's vocalist & percussionist).

*Side A [key]
1. Based on the book "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka.

2. Based on books (plural) written by J.G.Ballard.

3. Inspired by news reportings on teen suicide clusters at "Suicide High" [School] with samples of a mother criticizing reporters regarding the "Suicide High" label given to the school by the media.

3. Based on a show at The Farm in San Francisco that was produced and promoted by John Gullak (MUTANTS' guitarist, "No Other Radio Network" KPFA Berkeley fm radio DJ/host, ARPH Tapes label, Another Room Magazine) which featured live performances by THESSALONIANS, BREATHER, PSYCLONES, and four other bands. ACL/Carbon 14 members were in attendance, but did not perform.

5. ACL's first use of motivation records as incidental background material. The original basis for the use of samples was influenced by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs' CUT-UP method where new sentences or alternate concepts are realized and articulated through the random mixing and juxtaposition of various fragments of phrases.

*Side B [key]
6. Techno-Punk song with TB303 bassline, TR-505, 606, Juno-106, Boss half-rack sampler, and two (2x) SH-101 tandem sequences.

7. Music inspired by Brueghel (see artwork for ACL "Excursion into the Pit" K7) with excerpts of texts read from Lautremont's "Maldoror", and/or JK Huysman's books "À Rebours" ("Against Nature"), and "Là-Bas", aka "Down There".

8. Random drum samples arpeggiated looped (not sequenced) with out-of-sync (not midi'ed) SH-101 and Micro-Moog sequences; plus more motivation recording as backing material.