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Sunny Day In Harlem
Uncle Sam—1st Draft
Girl You Got A Grip
The Resurrection Of Gertrude

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October 17, 2014
referencing Sunny Day In Harlem, 12", EP, AR-2323
This record was number one in Max N Dave's chart (Kiss FM) for what seemed like months.
I couldnt find it anywhere at the time all the shops seemed to sell out as soon as they got a few copies. Managed to get one a few years later for what was BIG money to me. Well worth it and one of my fav 12"s of all time.
Im sure they must have recorded more tracks. chopped Herring or someone needs to track them down...


December 17, 2011
edited over 5 years ago
referencing Sunny Day In Harlem, 12", EP, AR-2323

Unbelievably great and slept-on 12" from the golden era of hip-hop. This has a lot in common with A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and The UMC's: inspired use of samples that shift gracefully, very evocative and reverent of music of the past. Dope beats, with really playful and loose rhyming from the various emcees over top. Thoughtful lyrics, but not too self-serious — really good light/dark thematic contrasts in the content, just like the best of their contemporaries. They eschew the bragging and boasting mostly in favor of painting pictures, slices of urban life, descriptions and playful verbal gymnastics. They sound like they're having a fantastic time. It's truly a sad thing that this didn't lead to a full length LP and career for these cats, this was creative and really rewards repeated listens. If someone had cut this group a good advance check and let them loose in the studio right after this, who knows what would've happened? I think the name they chose could've been better, though; given their explanation of its meaning, it makes sense, but it still has childish connotations that they'd have been well rid of by picking something more lofty. Final verdict: if you're a fan of golden era hip-hop and haven't heard all four songs off this yet, do whatever you must to get it into your earholes ASAP.


March 30, 2011
referencing Sunny Day In Harlem, 12", EP, AR-2323

This record is very dope, which is probably 1 reason why it was bootleged in Japan in 2008. The booty comes in thiner jacket. The vinyl is thicker then the original and the labelsticker of the bootleg is more red than of the 1st pressing.