Amaranthine Lament ‎– The Third And Final Relic

Amaranthine Pathways ‎– AMP003CS
2 × Cassette, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, C90+C80


Exhibit C
A1 The End Of Serenity ('Faceless Shadows' outtake, circa Autumn/Winter 2009
A2 Frozen Wastelands ('Faceless Shadows' outtake, May 2009)
A3 Monoliths Of Ice (Circa early 2009)
A4 Faceless Shadows (Re-recorded version, May 2010)
A5 Forest At Night (Live w/o audience, 2010)
A6 Through Blizzards And White Wastelands (Live w/o audience, 2010)
A7 Graves (Live w/o audience, 19th November 2012)
Exhibit D
B1 Synth Improvisation I (Early Evening, 8th November 2009)
B2 Synth Improvisation II (Night, 8th November 2009)
B3 Agony (November 2009)
'A Dark Eternal Winter' Unreleased Demo, circa Summer 2008
B4 Dense Choking Forest
B5 A Dark Eternal Winter
B6 Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover)
B7 Body Electric (Sisters Of Mercy cover, Afternoon, 25th June 2009)
B8 Paradise, Part II (Beherit cover, much earlier version, May 2010)
B9 Ageless Winter ('Demo MMXII' outtake, alternate ending)
B10 Israel (Siouxsie And The Banshees cover, Summer 2010)
Exhibit E
C1 Over The Sea Of Sorrow (Circa Spring 2009)
C2 Solitude (Early version of 'Time No Longer Exists', late 2008 or early 2009)
C3 Ghost Harp (July 2012)
C4 A Cursed Existence (Live w/o audience, circa Autumn/Winter 2008)
Exhibit F
D1 Forest At Night ('Demo MMXII' recording, abandoned arrangement)
D2 Through Blizzards And White Wastelands (Version with 'lost' synths restored)
D3 Synth Improvisations III & IV (Late Afternoon/Early Evening, 17th November 2009)
D4 Gaslighting (Morning, 9th November 2009)
D5 As The Sun Sets On Humanity (Re-recorded version, June 2009)


  • Instruments, Producer, Layout, Music By, Lyrics By, Photography ByM. James (8)


Limited to 15 copies.

"Recorded on the dates given in the tracklist and retrospectively compiled between 2014 and August 2016. D7 [B7] re-mixed in April 2013. E1 [C1] re-mixed late 2009. F1 [D1] re-mixed in August 2016. F2 [D2] restored and mixed in August 2016 as a mixdown featuring the 'lost' synths was never created. F5 reconstructed and mixed in August 2016 as the original mixdown has been lost. Final mastering in August 2016."