Ambidextrous ‎– Technodextrous (Early Works 1999​-​2001)

9 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps CBR


1 Quama 5:00
2 Dissolution 6:15
3 Tektant 5:31
4 Monochrome 7:49
5 Ill-76 5:34
6 Discrete Mind 5:09
7 FM 5:36
8 Datum 6:34
9 Organic Compound 7:20



I was browsing through my personal archives trying to recover data from a nearly dead hard drive, and suddenly I found an unreleased album. Well, not really an album, but a collection of really old (1999 to 2001) techno tracks. At that time I was really into techno, I listened to a lot of Plastikman, Prototype 909, Theorem, early Chain Reaction etc. I produced some techno myself and played these tracks in my live shows. Some of these tunes were broadcasted on local radio stations (many of them had special shows about Russian electronic scene at that time). Some were published on website (a kind of bandcamp or soundcloud of that time), but only one track (“Datum”) made its way to a CD-release (Visotopia).

Then techno became the only kind of music you can hear in a club in Moscow and my love to this genre has nearly turned into hate (since that moment I have a really strange love/hate relationship with club music in general). I had no intention to release this works and focused on IDM instead. But about a year ago techno made its way back into my playlists. Any techno record from mid-nineties now sounds quiet and really experimental compared to any contemporary club stuff. It has become home listening music again. So maybe it’s a proper time to put my old techno works on the web.

Again, this is not a new Ambidextrous record (the real new LP called Geek Mythology will be out on SEALT in spring 2014). This is just a collection of old tunes presented here “as is”. All the tracks were mixed and mastered 13-15 years ago and untouched since. No additional work is done.