Analthrone ‎– The Gathering Of Unholy Filth

Black Sewage Records ‎– none
CD, Compilation


3-Ways Split Tape With "Bowel Fetus" And "Crippled Slaughter" 2006
1.1 Expelled From The Devils Anus
1.2 Ejaculate Rotted Pus Pt. 1
1.3 Ejaculate Rotted Pus Pt. 2
1.4 Drown In Shit Humans
1.5 Anal Throne
1.6 Sodomized By Satan
1.7 Untitled
Demo Tape 2006
2.1 Anal Sodomy, Anal For Satan
2.2 Pool Of Goat Semen
2.3 Crooked Serpent Lord
2.4 The Irreversible Process Of Death
2.5 Not More Anal
2.6 Die For Satan
2.7 Untitled
Split-7" With Black Putrefaction 2006
3.1 Preteen Transsexual Castrati Molested By Cock Hungry Priest
3.2 Anal Throne Followers Black Market Sex Slave Dungeon Vomitorium Masturbation / Sodomy Ring
3.3 R.I.P. Botulistum (Gods Of Peat Metal)
3.4 Fuck The Vigin's Anus For Satan, And Anal Throne
3.5 Lubricate The Anal Cavity With Blood, Vomit And Feces
3.6 D.C.A.P.D.C.V.P. (Double Crucifix Anal Penetration Double Crucifix Vaginal Penetration)
3.7 Drowned In A Pool Of Goat Shit
3.8 Lord Fuck
3.9 Satanic Bloodletting Vampirism Masturbatory Rituals
3.10 Buried Alive Intercourse In The Coffin During Suffocation
Split With The True A.C. 2007
4 Vomit Ejaculations (7 Songs)
Split-Tape With Bodyswamp 2008
5.1 Pope Ejaculator
5.2 Crucifix Vomit
5.3 Satanic Whoremaster
5.4 Anal Bleeding
5.5 Raped With The Cross
5.6 Black Filth And Sleaze
5.7 Masturbatory Rituals
5.8 Black Ejaculates
5.9 Self Desecration
Split-Tape With Thanatseptis 2008
6 Intro / Into The Black Void