Anchiskhati Choir ‎– Georgian Himns



Sacred music from the middle ages Georgian polyponic singing
1 Thy nativity, O Christ our God (Eastern School) 3:14
2 Glory to Gold in the heghest (Eastern School) 2:48
3 Creator of all (Gelati School) 1:56
4 We venerate the cross (Gelati School) 3:50
5 Out of the womb (Gelti School) 3:02
6 God the Lord (Gelati School) 2:55
7 Unto the Son (Estern School) 1:56
8 The rod of the root of Jesse (Shemokmedi School) 1:33
9 O heaventy king (Gelaty School) 2:00
10 Magnify My Soul (Gelai School) 1:15
11 Ogerat mystery (Gelati School) 2:33
12 Lord now lettest thou thy servant (Gelai School) 2:47
13 Of the Catholic Church (Gelati School) 2:38
14 O God here our song (Shemokmedi School) 1:34
15 Psalm 103 (Gelati School) 3:50
16 Rejoice, ye righteous (Gelati School) 0:37
17 When in Jordan (Gelati School) 2:27
18 No tongue hath power (Gelati School) 2:07
19 As the deliverer of captives (Shemokmedi School) 1:38
20 O Gladsome Radiance (Gelati School) 1:53
21 The wonder you have given us in David, King and Saint (Gelati School) 2:48
22 It is very meet (Gelati School) 3:54
23 Second Antiphon: Blessed is the one who fears the Lord (Gelati School) 2:22
24 O only begotten Son (Gelati School) 2:00
25 Today hath the grace of the Holy Spirit (Gelati School) 1:40
26 Blessed art Thou (Gelati School) 2:17
27 Thy birth-giving (Shemokmedi School) 1:19
28 Thy undefiled icon (Gelati School) 2:19
29 Alilo: behold the birth of the Lord (Christmas Song) 2:32
30 Alilo: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Christmas Song) 3:48

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The tracklist is reproduced as on the release. It has obvious typos.

On the spine as well as in the booklet, the choir is listed as Anchiskhati Church Choir.