The Anchorite Four ‎– The Anchorite Four

CD, Album


1 Sky 3:51
2 Vacancy 3:42
3 Author Unknown 2:38
4 Duke's House 2:36
5 One Minute 3:57
6 All You Can Do 4:06
7 Chopper Dave 3:12
8 Long Enough 4:06
9 Ten Centavos 2:55
10 Drowning 4:56
11 Ride The Hog 3:17
12 Long Day 3:00
13 Great Heights 2:49
14 Big Trouble In Little Chain 4:11
15 Small Motor Skills 2:21
16 Pen To Paper 2:45
17 Derek Ludick For Mayor 3:58
18 Nothing Lasts 4:29
19 Bee-Keeper In The Red Zone 3:18
20 (The Revenge Of) Max Fischer 2:46
21 Uninvited 4:04


It was the early 2000's. A cautious, hopeful musical optimism filled the humid Florida air. A band could be whatever they want.

They could start out writing Blue Album, Pixies-influenced guitar rock, then get weird and emotive; insert mathy time signatures and screamy freak-outs.

It somehow made sense to challenge the maximum playing time of the compact disc and release a record with 21 tracks. So that's what happened.

Then came the mid 2000's, and none of that made sense anymore. Then came the late 2000's, and it still didn't make sense, but the irreversible course of time had added some kind of a foggy nostalgia to the mix.