Andrew Liles ‎– All Closed Doors: Complete Download Version

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This complete download version of ALL CLOSED DOORS contains the original 2003 mix of the album, an enhanced 2011 mix and 3 bonus tracks.

Bonus tracks SPECKTRAL I, II and III were recorded at the sametime as ALL CLOSED DOORS.

The enhanced 2011 mix is remastered and has been adapted into a binaural mix. The result of the binaural mix should spatially transcend normal stereo, since it can accurately reproduce the effect of hearing a sound in person, given the 360° nature of how human ears pick up nuance in sound waves. Binaural recordings can convincingly reproduce location of sound behind, ahead or above. Any set of headphones that provide good right and left channel isolation are sufficient to hear the immersive effects of the recording and anyone who has even a cheap set of headphones can enjoy these recordings.

For optimum listening experience in ‘3D’ you must use headphones. To enhance this listening experience it is recommended that you play back the enhanced mix in a dark room, eyes closed and with no exterior distractions.

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