Andrew Liles ‎– Aural Anagram



Aural Anagram 9:56
Little Treatise On Morals I. (Mademoiselle Eagle) 4:14
Little Treatise On Morals II. (Crimes Of Love) 6:00
Needle Heel 5:18
Little Treatise On Morals III. (Philosophy In The Boudoir) 2:39
Cephalopod 2:43
Transfers 8:00
Fur (Baston Entre Meufs À Madelonnette) 2:54
Little Treatise On Morals IV. (Misfortunes Of Virtue) 4:33



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May 1, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
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I f*ckin love Andrew Liles. The man is a universe of sound-scapes, styles, tones, moods & everything in-between. This album covers a few of the heavier elements any other alchemist would be justifiably proud of transforming into gold. Full commitment & attention is required from the listener, not an easy feat in these synthetic ADHD times, but the rewards are honestly spectacular. It reaches into your subconscious mind & plays with the things it finds, from soothing ambient to audio realms that touch on something akin to ptsd. More ideas across 9 delicious tracks than some c*nts achieve during entire careers. Put that in your ears and smoke it!