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Dadli 8:27
Wada 12:18


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January 17, 2010
referencing Dadli / Wada, 12", audio 01

Dug this one out from who knows where and only God himself could guess after how long. My fellow reviewer pretty much covered it all. Dadli is the typical Fine Audio Liebing track: pounding 4x4 drum kicks, monotonous drive and the same loop repeated a billion times through eight minutes. Adequate DJ tool, will keep the crowd head nodding and waving their fists in the air during those moments you really have to ditch the mixer and take a leak.
Wada on the other hand, is a lost jewel, which belongs up there with Liebing's finest early productions, shoulder to shoulder with Dandu Groove and The Real Schranz Part 1. A never ending underground burner with off beat drum rolls, and piercing sounds slowly attacking from the hind. The type of track where the odd percussion arrangement makes it stand out among avalanches of similar german schranz tunes, making it well recognizible, and a crowd favorite - gets the people bouncing up and around the room! It isn't even that heavy on the ears, because despite its lenghth, many different effects and sequences appear, so there is always something to keep your attention. Definitely worth checking out.
The A side is nothing to brag about, sounds just about the same as any early Fine Audio tune, so if that is your thing, you will like it. Wada is remarkable though, a very laudable achievement in raw, poundiung german techno.


January 24, 2006
edited over 13 years ago
referencing Dadli / Wada, 12", audio 01
"Dadli" is early brainless schranz, extremely uninteresting. Playing it for more than two minutes will inevitably have the audience fall asleep.
"Wada" is a different story, though: metallic hisses and a generally industrial mood (perhaps it is not Ant-Zen, yet not Low Pressings either) over... a powerful broken beat! Very energetic and versatile.