Andy Quin ‎– Videotronics

Music De Wolfe ‎– DWS/LP 3570
Vinyl, LP


A1 Up Market (Dramatic,Building INTRO,Leading To A Classically Influenced Theme) 3:16
A2 Classical Approach (Grand, Building Intro, Into Imposing, Proud Melody - Up-Tempo) 4:10
A3 Media News (Sparkling Opening, Into Bright, Happy Melody - Up-Tempo) 2:58
A4 Cover Plus (Heavy, Accented Opening Into Active String Piece With Repetitve Backing - Mid Tempo) 3:49
A5 Grand Vista (Hesistant, Tinkly Opening With Horns Building To Impressive, Grand Theme) 2:34
A6 Classification (Light, Active String Theme With Trumpet, Baroque - Up-Tempo) 2:25
A7 Direct Drive (Powerful String Intro, Leading To Laidback Purposeful Melody - Mid-Tempo) 2:47
B1 Videotronics (Proud, Cheerful With Dramatic Middle Section - Up-Tempo) 3:54
B2 Time Correction (Important, Dramatic Them With Lighter Section - Up-Tempo) 3:24
B3 Dynamo (Dramatic String Theme With Heavy Punctuations And Building Middle Section - Mid-Tempo) 3:19
B4 On Line (Forceful Rhythm With Punchy Melody - Up-Tempo) 2:58
B5 Mail Order (Bright, Optimistic,"Current Affairs" Fell - Up-Tempo) 3:24
Commercial Lengths
B6 Up Market 0:28
B7 Classical Approach 0:28
B8 Media News 0:28
B9 Cover Plus 0:28
B10 Grand Vista 0:28
B11 Classification 0:28
B12 Direct Drive 0:28
B13 Videotronics 0:28
B14 Time Correction 0:28
B15 Dynamo 0:28
B16 On Line 0:28
B17 Mail Order 0:28



VIDEOTRONICS An Orchestral Approach To The Fairlight CMI. This Album Contains Dynamic Pieces Suitable For Audio Visual And Video Production.

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August 5, 2012
edited over 5 years ago

Fantastic library album. Features many moody, mysterious, and funky electronic tracks with hints of classical music. Definitely from the late 80's, but I mean that in a good way. The Fairlight CMI sounds incredible. 5/5