Animal Machine (2) ‎– Homo Homini Lupus

Kifrecording ‎– kifrec-25


1 Human Nutrition 5:32
2 Lycanthropy 7:48
3 Slaughter By Products 9:28
4 Therianthropy 3:00


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April 17, 2011

Homo homini lupus is a roman proverb - people act like wolves to each other - as in are cruel, for never are humans happier than killing each other apart perhaps from working out new ways to do this. Giving such a title to 4 tracks of essentially harsh noise provokes the comment that here noise once again criticizes what others call civilization - which is also its "music" - its organization of sound, in particular western music, an organization which is responsible for the world we find ourselves in. A worry is that using animals pejoratively misses the point of the extent of man's fall from grace, man invented punishment- not animals - how much this is to be taken seriously? - should we be serious at all- for noise's amateurism and in-competence denies appropriation into an academia which if no longer literally throws humans to wolves - by way of amusement - "justified" as punishment - does so in far more spectacular and devious ways. Modernism's programme of absolute
organization - (of everything including sound which it defines as music) generated paranoia - post-modernity's schizophrenia (look at the proliferation of groups and labels in *noise* - often the same people - *same people* multiple personalities).. is the overcoming of modernity. But I explain too much? Digitania has what appears to be 6 tracks - beginning like an experimental work based on sine and other wave forms, beats pulses and silences - interrupted by swathes of noise which are themselves interrupted. Interesting but more acoustically/ethically problematic (modern!) than the ideological deconstruction of AM. (jliat)