Anita Kerr ‎– Voices With Complete Recorded Examples

MCA Music ‎– none
5 × Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, with hardback book


A1 The C Major Chord
A2 The C6 Chord
A3 The C7 Chord
A4 The C Major 7th Chord
B1 The C9 Chord
B2 The C11 Chord
B3 The C13 Chord
B4 The C13 (#11) Chord
C1 The C Chord With The Suspended 3rd / The C Diminished Chord
C2 The C Augmented Chord / Voicings Of The C Aug Chord With Added Notes
C3 The C6 Chord With The 9th Added (C6/9) / The C9 Chord With The 6th Added (C9/6) / The Cmaj7 Chord With The 9th And 6th Added (C7/9/6)
C4 The C Minor Chord
D1 The C Minor 7th Chord
D2 The C Minor/Major 7th Chord
D3 The C Minor 9th Chord
D4 The C Minor 11th Chord
E1 Ex. 1 Jim Crack Corn / Ex. 2 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
E2 Ex. 3 A Man And A Woman / Ex. 4 Let It Be Me / Ex. 5 Let It Be Me / Ex. 6 Just Say Goodbye / Ex. 7 Just Say Goodbye
E3 Ex. 8 All Alone Am I / Ex. 9 One Note Samba / Ex. 10 How Insensitive / Ex. 11 Strangers In The Night
E4 Ex. 12 If I Only Had Time / Ex. 13 If I Only Had Time / Ex. 14 If I Only Had Time
F1 Ex. 15 Aud Lang Syne / Ex. 16 Annie Laurie / Ex. 17 Annie Laurie
F2 Ex. 18 A Man And A Woman / Ex. 19 A Man And A Woman / Ex. 20 Just Say Goodbye / Ex. 21 One Note Samba
F3 Ex. 22 Just Say Goodbye / Ex. 23 Michael, Row The Boat Ashore / Ex. 24 Michael, Row The Boat Ashore / Ex. 25 Ah
F4 Ex. 26 Meditation / Ex. 27 Meditation / Ex. 28 So Nice / Ex. 29 So Nice
G1 Ex. 30 So Nice / Ex. 31 This Is My Song / Ex. 32 I Still Believe In Tomorrow / Ex. 33 This Is My Song
G2 Ex. 34 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Ex. 35 Strangers In The Night / Ex. 35 Strangers In The Night
G3 Ex. 37 'Round Every Corner / Ex. 38 'Round Every Corner / Ex. 39 Wayfaring Stranger
G4 Ex. 40 I Want To Be Wanted / Ex. 41 Go Down, Moses
H1 Ex. 42 Call Me / Ex. 43 Sunday / Ex. 44 Once Upon A Summertime
H2 Ex. 45 Bluesette / Ex. 46 Somewhere In Your Heart / Ex. 47 Early In The Morning / Ex. 48 Let Go
H3 Ex. 49 Where You There? / Ex. 50 A Boy Was Born On Christmas
H4 Ex. 51 Let Us Sing To Jesus / Ex. 52 Where He Leads Me
I1 Ex. 53 On Top Of Ole Smoky / Ex. 54 On Top Of Ole Smoky / Ex. 55 On Top Of Ole Smoky / Ex. 56 Who Am I? / Ex. 57 It's Not Unusual
I2 Ex. 58 It's Not Unusual / Ex. 59 Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars / Ex. 60 I Wish You Love / Ex. 61 I Wish You Love
I3 Ex. 62 Color My World / Ex. 63 Color My World / Ex. 64 Look At Mine / Ex. 65 I Know A Place / Ex. 66 A Sign Of The Times
I4 Ex. 67 Sunshine, Where Have You Gone / Ex. 68 Sing Happy Songs / Ex. 68 Repeated
J1 Ex. 69 How Insensitive / Ex. 70 One Note Samba
J2 Ex. 71 So Nice
J3 Ex. 72 It's Not Unusual
J4 Ex. 73 Once Upon A Summertime

Companies, etc.


These records was released as part of Anita Kerr's 1972 instructional book "Voices".
The five singles were housed in a pouch inside the front cover of the hardback.
Each side corresponds to a chapter in the book.

The book has no ISBN or any other identification apart from "published by MCA Records".

On labels:
Voices Conducted by the Author.
This Record Not For Sale or Commercial Use. To Be Used With Accompanying Text.