Anomali ‎– Nitya-Baddha

Hypnagogia ‎– nag02
Vinyl, 10", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition


A Mindisturb 14:04
B Antimatters 13:41



Hand-numbered Edition of 333.

Die-cut card cover with sticker in PVC sleeve.


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January 22, 2011
edited over 7 years ago

Anomali have an approach to sonic plundering that is as fu*ked, crude and humorous as Christoph Heeman and Achim Flaam's Hirsche Nich Auf Sofa.. Shredded torch songs, dripping taps, gunshots and inane soundbites, all lapped with tongues of torrential feedback. Despite their affinities with TNB, Anomali's approach is more compositional, at times recalling Steven Stapleton's more fevered Nurse With Wound creations, or the sound of someone slowly dialling through Eastern Bloc radio broadcasts while legions of disgruntled peasants trash a politburo WC. THE WIRE (UK)


January 18, 2011
edited over 7 years ago

Effective and disturbing weirdness from Mr. Anomali here; it would be too glib and easy to write him off as just another cut-up artiste, when the residual effects of his experiments reach a lot deeper into the recesses of the mind than many dabblers in that area. His 'Mindisturb' A-side is a trawl through the aural wreckage of 20th. century culture; TV and radio samples, cut up and collaged with fierce determination to force new meanings out of them, and played over a nasty buzzing drone. Each juxtaposition of dialogue / words / samples reeks of subtle and bitter sarcasm, aiming for satirical effect. But he also aims for maximum worrisome effect, and the muffling and mangling of certain segments obliges listener to strain to catch that fleeting meaning. Subliminal methods probably at work here. This side finishes up with what sounds like a church choir sample, played backwards, and it's very distinctive. 'Antimatters' uses further voice samples, suspended in gloomy murky abstract noises; this one includes the 'dentist drill' segment used, I seem to recall, on a collaboration with TNB. There's a faint electronic murmur-pulse behind the surface noise, only barely perceivable, yet very troubling and conducive to subliminal feelings of paranoia, doubt and irritation. Subversive intentions, a record to upset the mind. - THE SOUND PROJECTOR (UK)