Antigone ‎– As I Walk To You

Construct Re-Form ‎– CRF 007
Vinyl, 12"

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July 4, 2016
I've been through most of Antigone's opus, and while there's an abundant amount of quality to catch up with, nothing quite sits well with me as " As I Walk To You". For me, this is simply an all around perfect techno release. The Fugitive has one of the loudest kick drums around, at least in the more serious techno circles. It isn't fast, it isn't distorted, it does not hint at euphoria of sorts, it is plain rolling and banging. The track is pure menace: bass, drums, some reverb and - you guessed it - some more percussion artillery. I have a thing for these tracks that are thoroughly rough, yet quite restrained pace wise. The echoing metallic clangs at times remind of Polygon Window's epocal mid nineties classic, while the overhwelming drum kicks clearly forge a path for the genre's future. Compulsory for purists. Reduced, raw and rugged, the way it was meant to be.

The Wizard takes the same route, toning down the testosterone level a bit. The percussion is still as heavy as they come, but the lighter elements are given some space under the spotlight due to the almost raveish synth stabs. The loop is super catchy, and coupled with the more stereotipical techno elements, if droppd at the right time, this could be that tune to fly from the peak hours into the descent. Very well played this number. It boasts the ferocity of no-nonsense techno with intrusions of melody and repetitive synth stabs, and it works wonders.

And When The Sky Was Opened is a jewel in its own right as well. Taking a threesixty when compared to its A side counterparts, this is a slow burning, mid tempo journey that goes far out there. Spaced out, melodic, lush and still retaining that techno focus. It's a beauty to behold. A track like this one has the potential to turn the after hours into the night's most memorable moment. Haunting, almost IDM pads, interlock with spherical melodic patterns and distantly echoing bleeps. All the while, a firmly rooted beat guides the music. The crucial moment is the point at around the 06:30 mark. Antigone literary brings things to an end, gradually eliminating elements from the loop, and when you think that last melodic sweep is that last you'll hear of it - boom - one more take off is up on the menu. An essential morning track if there ever was on in these past five years. It's as evocative as it is club friendly, and those aren't frequent.

Anyways, it's top dollar stuff regardless of how you look at it. Three top drawer cuts for three different occasions, suitable to please the more demanding dancer. Even if that was not the case, there is still enough oomph on this piece of wax to please anyone with the slightest interest in techno music. As I previously mentioned, for the time being, my number one release of his.