Antigone ‎– Saudade EP

Token ‎– TOKEN59
Vinyl, 12", EP



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February 21, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Antonin Jeanson may have started out as an impressive, promising producer, but he is slowly, yet surely building up a reputation of a force to be reckoned with. His sensibilities enable him to deliver dance floor friendly goods, yet filtered through layers of ample textures, atmospheric pads and sound design varying in caliber, sometimes directed inwards, meaning that the contrasts within the same musical piece range from percussive onslaughts to lush, patiently sculputed passages loaded with space and epic in scale.

His output is more or less perfectly presented on this two tracker recorded for the Belgian label Token. On the A side you have "Night Adrift", a rolling, bass heavy slice of molasse, with shredding drum marches galloping forth incessantly, announcing a devastating techno assault. A muscular break down half way through tips things over the top, as the intensity is upped a few levels for the tune's final outbreak. The colossal production only adds to the notion that Antigone, even when producing club artillery, has a peculiar ear for detail, and an obsessive urge to make every effect count. Well done.

Flip over to "Hiraeth", and this is a treat in its own autochtone galaxy. Flashing effects, an overwhelming, descending cyclical sphere, subatomically interwoven elements dashing by, and all of this serves as an introduction to a larger than life break down which pulls all of the previous magic into one pot, boils it down, and unleashes it as a brand new sleigh of sonic joy for the track's second part. The details contained, and accumulated during the build-up, in a way, made me think of Rrose, and his puzzling way of amassing momentum through gradual, dense layering. The similarities are remote though. I have witnessed this track in real time, and it literary pulls you through aural galaxies in just a few minutes time. Absolutely staggering piece.

Anyways, I cannot praise this one enough. There are literary no more than a handful of 12" releases with two tracks on them that leave you awe struck as much. There's more to absorb here than on some double packs floating around. This will decimate clubs and leave living room veterans in a solid "what the hell did I just hear?" state. Very well played, Antigone. Bravo!


April 13, 2016

Same effect as most Antigone releases - with playing this record over and over you're under its spell. Production is top notch.