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<b>Coprophilial Pirate Side</b>
A1 Zeus Is On The Loose
A2 Still With Your Dad
A3 Acidfuck
A4 Blue Shirt, Black Pants (R.A. Mix)
A5 10 Second Peyote Trance
A6 Fugued
A7 Fugued (Pwonb Mix)
A8 Have You Seen My Brain?
A9 Forget Me
A10 Frolicking
A11 Ruthless Sampler (Mean Guy)
A12 Ruthless Sampler (Meaner Guy)
A13 Why Name This?
A14 Hopperfuck
Voice – D.R. Jarrell
A15 Rear Admiral (B & D Mix)
Voice – Chris Anadale
A16 The Many Faces Of Pasta
A17 Celtic Mall
Effects – Brad Barkett
A18 Standard Male Courtship
A19 Babycakes Gets Dosed
A20 Madsadlad '94 (Invasion Of The Prophet Mix)
A21 St. Ides I
Vocals, Lyrics By – B-Mac
A22 St. Ides II
A23 Didjeridont
Didjeridoo – Tim WhittemoreVoice – Brad Barkett
A24 Bodily Functions Song
A25 Kraftjerks
Music By – Ian A. Hall
A26 Moonwigs
A27 Champioon
Guitar – Chris Hall
A28 Madsadlad
A29 The Rumble Song
<b>Used And Stolen Hubcaps Side</b>
B1 Industrial Kitten
B2 Piano Sunrise v.1
B3 Piano Sunrise v.2
B4 Verve On Scatter Pills
B5 10 Knuckle Shuffle
B6 Lumberton
B7 Running Away
B8 Tiny Steps
B9 Mild
B10 Vaginal Sibling (Willie D Mix)
B11 Toiletrio
B12 Bed Power
B13 Man From San Fran
B14 Join Us
B15 Spontaneous Frustration Song
B16 Impossible Worlds
B17 Chopmunks
B18 Gibby Vs. Shamen
Noises – Brad Barkett
B19 Priapism (Live)
Chorus – Brad BarkettLyrics By, Lead Vocals – JJ Barkett
B20 Spontaneous Asian
Keyboards – The Spontaneous Asian
B21 Poppy Powered
Keyboards – Gregger
B22 Who? What?
B23 Drum Fun
Composed By, Synthesizer – Ian A. Hall
B24 Cat Song
Synthesizer – Ian A. Hall


  • BassSimon Drew (tracks: B2, B3, B5 to B7)
  • KeyboardsBrad Barkett (tracks: B2, B3, B5), Ian A. Hall (tracks: A25, B21, B23)
  • Lyrics ByBrad Barkett (tracks: A2, A8, A10 to A13, A16 to A19, A22, B13 to B18)
  • Producer, Artwork By, PhotographyIan A. Hall
  • Producer, Recorded By, EngineerBrad Barkett
  • Sequenced By, SamplerBrad Barkett (tracks: A1 to A22, A24 to B15, B17 to B24)
  • VocalsBrad Barkett (tracks: A1 to A3, A8, A10 to A13, A14, A16 to A20, A22, A28 to B1, B10 to B18)
  • Vocals, Lyrics ByD.R. Jarrell (tracks: A1, A4, A15), Ian A. Hall (tracks: A25, B22 to B24)


This cassette was limited to ten copies, eight of which were randomly placed in student mailboxes at Salisbury State University in Salisbury, MD. It is unknown how many copies exist today.