The Apologizers ‎– The Fruits Of Isolation Volume II

Dancing Bull Productions ‎– DBCS01
Cassette, Album, Limited Edition

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<b>Feline Bacteria Breakthrough Side</b>
A1 Sir Nose Returns
A2 Getos
A3 Welcome To The Shithouse
A4 Wiggedy Piggledy
A5 Porky's Mercy
A6 Slyer
A7 Cheapa Kahn
A8 Badbop
A9 Staring At The Dog
A10 Peakmaster D
A11 Sir Nose And The Mysterious Shackles
A12 Excuses From Prison
A13 Pain Machine
A14 Sega Bonus Stage
A15 Fugued
A16 Just Another Dictum
A17 C.E.O.
Guitar, Vocals – JJ Barkett
A18 Marsalis Bootleg (Bad Jazz)
A19 Mid-African Shit Smearing Ritual
A20 Geiger
A21 O.C. Bus Story
A22 Bassbomb
Noises – Ian A. Hall
A23 Camden Ass.
A24 Camden Ass. II
A25 Blews
Guitar – Brad Barkett
A26 Scottish Mall (Navigational Error Remix)
A27 Drew Drops
A28 Ritalin
Guitar – Brad Barkett
A29 Electrography
A30 Disciples Of Thoreau
A31 Patterson Bear
<b>Track & Field Side</b>
B1 Mink Bore Drear
B2 Madsadlad (Flop Mix)
B3 Staring At The Dog (Part 2)
B4 Sludgeking
B5 Incontinence
B6 Old School Tip
B7 Madsadlad (Disco Duck V)
B8 Marty's Grass
B9 Eurodung
B10 Cryonic Mozart
B11 Human Humus
B12 Handelopium
B13 Butu 2
B14 Move Any Mosher
B15 MG
B16 Buffalo's Band
B17 The Breath Song
Noises – Brad Barkett
B18 Turkish Mall
B19 Watch Me Get A Bitch
B20 Satin Love
Saxophone – Brad Barkett
B21 New Shirt, New Pants (Hygeine Mix)
Vocals, Lyrics By – Chris Anadale
B22 Gastric Lust
Noises – Ian A. Hall
B24 Don't Stop Dancin'
B25 Chainsaw Sex



This cassette was limited to three copies.