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This is a conceptual album about the journey (or attempts) into celibacy along with the struggles that come along with that. After being sexually assaulted, i thought the best way to recover would be to get "sober" from sexual activities. I tried and lapsed and wrote and tried and lapsed and wrote until the hot flashes stopped.

The lyrical content is true to its original purpose excluding the song "antlers" and "bad, bad dream" which are based on very obscure dreams i've had recently. It's mainly focused on the trials of being a young adult with a high sex drive and trying to fight that nature in order to grow further in my relationship with a higher power. This branched off into different topics such as the idea that we (as humans) are not as far into evolution as we thought we were, and how several aspects of human life are still primal. We should not view ourselves as some godly creatures who are so much higher than other animals. The writing process for this album was very therapeutic and i achieved my goal of maintaining a healthy view regarding sex and self esteem toward the end of finishing the album.

thank so, so very much to everyone who listens to this and supports us.

Jackson Wise - singing saw, vox, drums, guitar, bass
Syd Sokoloff - Vox on tracks 1, 3, 5, and 6.
Mike Robbins - guitar on tracks 5 and 6.
Grant Wolken - guitar on track 10.

Thank you to Westley and Dan for letting me borrow their drums, thanks @blaxix for helping with the album art, thank you Duncan for forgetting about your recording device, shoutout to Jake, jonah, kirsten, val, molly, gluten girl, Mike, ashlyn, the strawberry boy, and everyone else who supported this project.

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February 15, 2018

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