Araphel ‎– Dybbuk

6 × File, ogg-vorbis, EP


1 Gehenna 02:32
2 Ta'ah 04:46
3 Me-ru’a Ra’ah 04:01
4 Min Ha-hizonim 04:26
5 Mitdabbeket Bo 03:32
6 Gilgul 09:51



The Dibbuk ( דִּיבּוּק dibbūq) commonly refereed to as Dybbuk who was originally a devil; Eventually the notion developed "That some Dibbukim are the spirits of dead persons who were not laid to rest and thus become demons... They were generally considered restless, usually malicious, souls that sinned and account of their enormities of their sins, were not allowed to transmigrate and as ' denuded spirits' they sought refuge from Gehenna for serious transgressions and in turn haunted and possessed the living.

The entry of a Dibbuk into a person was a sign of the person having committed a secret sin unbeknownst to the living but exposed to the Dibbuk which opened a door for possession. Possession by a Dibbuk is essentially punishment (or revenge) for an improper act. Or,apparently, possession may happen almost at random.

In this recording we will explore and uncover the malevolent atmosphere that enshrouds the Dibbuk and the possesion of it's many hosts in the most darkest of ambient project Araphel is notorious for creating.*

Written, produced by Araphel.

Original Album Artwork made by:
Zdzisław Beksiński.

Edited by Araphel.

* original spelling preserved