Araphel ‎– Nephilim

8 × File, ogg-vorbis, Album


1 Caverns Of Undefined Darkness 05:10
2 Shadows Of The Adversaries 05:52
3 Outlasting The Valley Of Slaughter 07:15
4 Whispers Of The Wakened Heathen 05:14
5 Within Darkness Embrace 05:01
6 Past Utterances Of False Doctrine 04:07
7 Shredded Memory Of Unclean Spirits 04:51
8 Under The Cloak & Beneath Pale Stars 03:28



This new offering from Araphel is set on a endeavor into a new personal venture through the bleak darkness. As you embark on this new journey through a realm consumed by Heathen and Giant like beings.. Born without souls and consumed with all that is evil and wicked. You begin to question your own sanity as you make your way deeper into the many pathways of passage.

The Nephilim, filled with the shattering of rational thought that becomes replaced with the most disturbing of intentions for mankind alike. After death they seek to possess the flesh of humans, which they once were clothed in as the Nephilim through demonic possession. The uncontrollable urges that drive their minds to become demented and wicked. The cacophony of bleak blackness and malevolent, demonic voices, that relentlessly beckon from the inside of ones own head as you listen to the internal turmoil that destroys completely.

Written, produced by Araphel.

Album art by ArtificalDelirium Design.