Archgoat ‎– The Aeon Of The Angelslaying Darkness

Debemur Morti Productions ‎– DMP0061
2 × Vinyl, LP, Red/Black Splatter
2 × CD, Black
All Media, Compilation, Limited Edition

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The Dawn Of The Black Moon
Jesus Spawn (Demo 1991)
A1 Intro: Ripping The Wings
A2 Black Messiah
A3 Death And Necromancy
A4 Rise Of The Black Moon
A5 Angelcunt
A6 Jesus Spawn
Unreleased Hymns (1993)
A7 Invocation
A8 Thrice Damned Sodomizer (Streams Of Blood)
A9 Satanic Oath
A10 Penis Perversor
A11 Unholy Semen Hammer
A12 Angelcunt
The Aeon Of The Black Moon
Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) (MLP 1993)
B1 Invocation
B2 Rise Of The Black Moon
B3 Death And Necromancy
B4 Soulflay
B5 Black Messiah
B6 Jesus Spawn
B7 Outro (The Prophecy)
Whore Of Bethlehem (Album 2006)
B8 Lord Of The Void
B9 Hammer Of Satan
The Light-Devouring Darkness (Album 2009)
B10 Goat And The Moon
The Tour Of The Black Moon
Live In Krakow (27.10.2005)
C1 Invocation
C2 Thrice Damned Sodomizer (Streams Of Blood...)
C3 Death And Necromancy
C4 Penis Perversor
C5 Soulflay
C6 Satanic Oath
C7 Jesus Spawn
C8 Black Messiah
C9 Desecration
C10 Rise Of The Black Moon
C11 Outro
The Light-Devouring Black Moon
The Light-Devouring Black Crusade (Houston 16.7.2009)
D1 Invocation
D2 Apotheosis Of Lucifer
D3 Goat And The Moon
D4 Whore Of Bethlehem
Black/Death Ritual (Helsinki 18.11.2007)
D5 Lord Of The Void
D6 Dawn Of The Black Light
D7 Hammer Of Satan
Vocals – Tomas Stench
Jesus Spawn (Demo 1991)
1-1 Intro: Ripping The Wings
1-2 Black Messiah
1-3 Death And Necromancy
1-4 Rise Of The Black Moon
1-5 Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration)
1-6 Jesus Spawn
Hymns To Darkness (Unreleased LP 1993)
1-7 Invocation
1-8 Thrice Damned Sodomizer (Streams Of Blood...)
1-9 Satanic Oath
1-10 Penis Perversor
1-11 Unholy Semen Hammer
1-12 Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration)
Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration) (Mini LP 1992)
1-13 Invocation
1-14 Rise Of The Black Moon
1-15 Death And Necromancy
1-16 Soulflay
1-17 Black Messiah
1-18 Jesus Spawn
1-19 Outro (The Prophecy)
Selections from "Whore Of Bethlehem" (2006)
1-20 Lord Of The Void
1-21 Hammer Of Satan
1-22 Goat And The Moon
Live in Krakow, Poland 27 October 2005
2-1 Invocation
2-2 Thrice Damned Sodomizer (Streams Of Blood...)
2-3 Death And Necromancy
2-4 Penis Perversor
2-5 Soulflay
2-6 Satanic Oath
2-7 Jesus Spawn
2-8 Black Messiah
2-9 Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration)
2-10 Rise Of The Black Moon
2-11 Outro
Live in Houston, TX 16 July 2009
2-12 Invocation
2-13 Apotheosis Of Lucifer
2-14 Goat And The Moon
2-15 Whore Of Bethlehem
Live in Helsinki, Finland 18 November 2007
2-16 Lord Of The Void
2-17 Dawn Of The Black Light
2-18 Hammer Of Satan
Vocals – Tomas Stench


Die Hard edition in an embossed slipcase.

The label later sold some leftover copies without the CDs.