Architects Office ‎– 9th Year Gala Performance

Realization Recordings ‎– RZC-006
Cassette, Album, C60



The Architects Office 9th Year Gala Performance took place on March 30, 1991 at the Office, 1714 Broadway in Boulder.
Includes color outer j-card and b&w cardstock inner j-card.


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May 15, 2012
The A' side consists of three pieces, the first, "A0804.2 (366.1)" claims to be a duet for four performers - a quite sparse backing of short wave radio, white noise waves & snatches of found music contrast & blend with the flatulent, often muted horns which are the most distinctive element of ARCHITECTS OFFICE's music. It shifts & searches apparently at random, falling in & out of it's loose composition. "AO804.3 - I..Chris" is based on a loop of female voice speaking the words 'I Chris am not a failure I Chris am a total success' before moving on to convince herself of other things while around organ appears in sheets, draped in & surrounded by wraiths of noise, chimes & other such sounds, It manages to sound dramatic while remaining basically amorphous & possessed of only the most tenuous structure. "AO804.4" closes side one - with a slight percussive intro of offset cliokings creating polyrhythms, soon joined by odd electronics & random sweeps of synthesizer along with snatches of found voice & other strange sounds. Typically ARCHITECTS OFFICE, this is a free-form oddity with a strange, Surreal atmosphere. It doesn't shout out for attention, forcing it's weirdness down your throat, but remains passive, an abstract, bizarre wallpaper music.

Side B' opens with "AO804.5 Apotheosis Of Josef Rheinberger", a hymn-like organ thing with a definite (although often amorphous) tune held within bizarre, Surreal structures of electronics, sound snatches & found noise. It's inspired by the work of Rheinberger, including 'musical quotations from his 17th organ sonata'. A strange but ever-interesting Journey through oft-seemingly- randomised soundscapes, an adventure in a flat field of sonics, manipulated to give it further dimensions. It touches on timeless madness, on some chill no-man's land between 'dream' & 'nightmare'. "AO804.7 (315A)" is the final track on the album, originally intended for an Italian album, this is probably the most dense track in this collection with typical ARCHITECTS OFFICE features - the muted horn, treated stolen music, short wave noise mixed with diverse, strange electronics, and mixed in with spoken voice both male & female. On this the horn sounds very human, caught in the loose, ever-changing structure of transmuting randomness. Perhaps only it's sense of deliberate event-sequence keeps it from collapsing utterly into chaos. Voice effects & arpeggios add spice to it's utter sense of madness, From dense composition to loose snatches & fragments, it moves around avoiding falling into any repetitious cycle, choosing instead to remain loose & disconnected.

They're an interesting group, always with a similar sound (with the horns adding particular distinction). Expect no conformity, only free-form strangeness.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.