Armando Trovaioli ‎– Il Gigante Di Metropolis

Kronos Records ‎– KRONGOLD014
CD, Limited Edition, 500 Copies


1 Opening Credits 4:10
2 The Long Journey 0:32
3 The Warning 0:37
4 Parting Ways 1:24
5 The Whirlwinds Of Death 2:38
6 Obro Captured 1:17
7 Mecede And Obro's Love 2:28
8 Obro Taken To Yotar 1:01
9 Mass Hypnosis 1:04
10 Mecede's Dance 2:41
11 Yotar And Qeen Texen 1:43
12 Wild Pygmies 2:08
13 The Volcanic Core 1:59
14 Saving Obro 1:57
15 The Search For Obro 1:16
16 Yotar Suspects Texen 0:45
17 The Death Of Texen 0:45
18 Obro Rescues Mecede 0:52
19 Interlude 0:20
20 The Beauty Of Nature 1:10
21 Nocturnal Raid 1:38
22 Sneaking In 0:35
23 Mecede 3:06
24 Parting 1:37
25 Let Me See The Sky Again 1:01
26 Yotar 0:34
27 Mysterious 4:20
28 Metropolis 4:20
29 Suspence 0:52
30 The Column 0:43
31 Conclusion - Short 1:26
32 The Heart Of Metropolis 0:42
33 The Heart Of Metropolis - long 1:02
34 The Giant 5:34
35 Conclusion - long 2:30



Kronos Records is proud to release for the first time ever in any format the CD soundtrack for Il Gigante Di Metropolis (The Giant Of Metropolis), a 1961 Italian film by Umberto Scarpelli starring Bella Cortez, Roldano Lupi and legendary muscleman Gordon Mitchell in the main role. The film was a unique hybrid of 2 genres very popular at the time, Peplum and Sci-Fi. Whereas the second is not as evident as the first once can still definitely call the film a hybrid of the two. The music has definitely played a major role in putting the sci-fi element under a stronger light.

The music for this unique film was composed by Italian legendary composer Maestro Armando Trovajoli; whose music carreer spanned for over 60 years! Composer of classics such as Il Vedovo (Alberto Sordi), Il Fornaretto Di Venezia (Stefania Sandrelli), La Guerra Continua (Jack Palance), Gli Onorevoli (Totò), Il Magnifico Cordunto (Cardinale & Tognazzi), Matrimonio all'Italiana (Loren & Mastroianni), Rugantino (Celentano), La Famiglia (Gassman & Sandrelli) and over 300 more films. His music is featured in documentaries, commericals and more recently his music from I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta was heard again on Tarantino's Kill Bill. The genres he scored ranged from drama to comedy, from erotic to adventure films, Peplums to Spaghetti Westerns. You name it and Trovajoli could do it and do it to perfection and ledning it his very own distinctive sound, like he did with IL GIGANTE DI METROPLOLIS.

Our fourteenth title in THE GOLD COLLECTION is a must for all fans of ARMANDO TROVAJOLI, the PEPLUM and SCi-FI sound of the 60's and 70's and the immortal music of the Golden and Silver Age of Cinema.