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April 6, 2017
referencing Silly Games, 12", Promo, USATDJ 678

No one has reviewed this? Well then I have to. I first heard this on a youtube video set about a Raindance rave in 1991. The video set was great as it showed all aspects of this one rave. However it was useful beyond that in that it turned me on to a lot of tracks I hadn't heard before like the flipside of Psychotropic Hypnosis and _this track_, a groovy amen roller with very warm rave keys. That being said it's all about the Tommy Musto remixes. Those are the jams! The version that was used in the Raindance video was the dub which features said warm rave keys however the main mix, features Robert Owens on vocals which was a pleasant surprise. The warm sound of his voice fits this amen breaks tune perfectly. The flipside has the Hacienda remixes which are actually pretty bad. There's no amen breaks on those at all, they just sound like wussy house tracks. But don't worry about those, get this for the groovey amen tunes. They're quite exceptional!


March 18, 2008
referencing Silly Games, 12", Unofficial, CL3009
One of those rare stand-out tracks that when it came out managed to capture the attention of those into the the rave/early hardcore scene (thanks to the raw sounding breakbeat and bassline underpinning the track), as well as those more into the soulful side of house, thanks to the unmistakably emotive vocals from Robert Owens, and warm pad instrumentation. I'm talking about the Bonesbreak Club Mix here.

A perfect example of the raw and smooth working in harmony together.

Also, one of many tracks to use the "no more mind games" sample from Liz Torres.

PS The best version to get is the UK release on Breakout (promo only), as the pressing is much better than the City Limits one, most of which are badly pressed.