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Arthur FiedlerThe Wonderful World Of Music

Reader's Digest – RDA 199-A
10 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation


Merrie England
A1Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1 In D
Composed ByElgar*
A2Elizabethan Serenade
Composed ByBinge*
A3Chanson De Matin
Composed ByElgar*
A4Nimrod From Enigma Variations
Composed ByElgar*
A5Knightsbridge March From London Suite
Composed ByCoates*
B1Overture: The Yeomen Of The Guard
Composed BySullivan*
B2Scottish Dance No. 1
Composed ByArnold*
B3March: Folk Songs From Somerset
Composed ByVaughan Williams*
B4Trumpet Voluntary
Arranged ByGamely*
Composed ByClarke*
Trumpet [Solo]John Wilbraham
B5Dambusters March
Composed ByCoates*
Austria - Land Of Music And Laughter
C1Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
Composed ByJ. Strauss, Jr.*
C2Radetzky March
Composed ByJ. Strauss, Sr.*
C3Overture: The Marriage Of Figaro
Composed ByMozart*
C4Entr'acte From Rosamunde
Composed BySchubert*
C5Dunabe Waves
Composed ByIvanovici*
D1Overture: The Magic Flute
Composed ByMozart*
D2Trumpet Concerto: Third Movement
Composed ByHaydn*
Trumpet [Solo]John Wilbraham
D3Marche Militaire
Composed BySchubert*
D4Overture: Queen Of Spades
Composed BySuppé*
Italian Serenade
E1Prelude To Act 1: La Traviata
Composed ByVerdi*
Composed ByBoccherini*
E3Dance Of The Water Nymphs From Lorelie
Composed ByCatalani*
E4Ballet Music From Aïda
Composed ByVerdi*
F1Winter From The Seasons
Composed ByVivaldi*
Violin [Solo]Sidney Sax
F2Intermezzo From I Pagliacci
Composed ByLeoncavallo*
F3Overture: Sicilian Vespers
Composed ByVerdi*
Germany - Land Of Mystery And Melody
G1Largo From Xerxes
Composed ByHandel*
G2Turkish March From The Ruins Of Athens
Composed ByBeethoven*
G3Dreaming (Traümerei)
Composed BySchumann*
G4Egmont Overture
Composed ByBeethoven*
H1Overture: The Huntsman (Der Freischütz)
Composed ByWeber*
H2Scherzo From A Midsummer Night's Dream
Composed ByMendelssohn*
H3Nocturne From A Midsummer Night's Dream
Composed ByMendelssohn*
Horn [Solo]Ian Harper
H4Wedding March From A Midsummer Night's Dream
Composed ByMendelssohn*
The Magic And Gaiety Of France
I1Overture: Orpheus In The Underworld
Composed ByOffenbach*
I2Faust Waltz From Faust
Composed ByGounod*
I3Grand March From The Queen Of Sheba
Composed ByGounod*
I4Pomone Waltz
Composed ByWaldteufel*
I5Farandole From L'Arlésienne Suite
Composed ByBizet*
J1Overture: The Bronz Horse
Composed ByAuber*
J2March, Berceuse And Galop From Jeux d'Enfants
Composed ByBizet*
J3Overture: Le Roi d'Ys
Cello [Solo]Francisco Gabarro
Composed ByLalo*
Hungarian Rhapsody
K1Hora Staccato
Composed ByDinicu*, Heifetz*
Composed ByMonti*
Tracks 1 — 50 of 91

Companies, etc.



Made for Reader's Digest by RCA Records.

The cover has the catalog number RDA 199-A but each disc and sleeve has its own.
There is also a matrix number unique to each LP side.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Disc 1): RD4-199-1
  • Other (Sleeve 1): RD4-199-D1
  • Other (Disc 2): RD4-199-2
  • Other (Sleeve 2): RD4-199-D2
  • Other (Disc 3): RD4-199-3
  • Other (Sleeve 3): RD4-199-D3
  • Other (Disc 4): RD4-199-4
  • Other (Sleeve 4): RD4-199-D4
  • Other (Disc 5): RD4-199-5
  • Other (Sleeve 5): RD4-199-D5
  • Other (Disc 6): RD4-199-6
  • Other (Sleeve 6): RD4-199-D6
  • Other (Disc 7): RD4-199-7
  • Other (Sleeve 7): RD4-199-D7
  • Other (Disc 8): RD4-199-8
  • Other (Sleeve 8): RD4-199-D8
  • Other (Disc 9): RD4-199-9
  • Other (Sleeve 9): RD4-199-D9
  • Other (Disc 10): RD4-199-10
  • Other (Sleeve 10): RD4-199-D10
  • Matrix / Runout (A): A2RS-9751
  • Matrix / Runout (B): A2RS-9752
  • Matrix / Runout (C): A2RS-9753
  • Matrix / Runout (D): A2RS-9754
  • Matrix / Runout (E): A2RS-9755
  • Matrix / Runout (F): A2RS-9756
  • Matrix / Runout (G): A2RS-9757
  • Matrix / Runout (H): A2RS-9758
  • Matrix / Runout (I): A2RS-9759
  • Matrix / Runout (J): A2RS-9760
  • Matrix / Runout (K): A2RS-9761
  • Matrix / Runout (L): A2RS-9762
  • Matrix / Runout (M): A2RS-9763
  • Matrix / Runout (N): A2RS-9764
  • Matrix / Runout (O): A2RS-9765
  • Matrix / Runout (P): A2RS-9766
  • Matrix / Runout (Q): A2RS-9767
  • Matrix / Runout (R): A2RS-9768
  • Matrix / Runout (S): A2RS-9769
  • Matrix / Runout (T): A2RS-9770
  • Pressing Plant ID: I

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