Arvid Tuba ‎– Am I Obscene?

Markus Arvidsson ‎– JUNE-87
Cassette, Album


1 Am I Obscene? 5:11
2 Rehabilitation 3:32
3 My Neck 2:16
4 Hans Holmer (live) 1:18
5 Kvällen Stundar 4:06
6 Do Not Fertilize My Sister 3:42
7 Ideas For Walls 2:23
8 Your Head With Flowers 2:52
9 Gegg 4:21
10 Dårarnas Trädgård 2:26


track 4 recorded live at Lugnetskolan (Falun) 87-06-01.
Markus Arvidsson
Stångtjärnsvägen 339
791 74 FALUN

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May 16, 2008

"Am I Obscene?" is Arvid Tuba's first ventures into synthpop and some kind of proto-ebm. There are still many examples of his initial industrial noise and weird cut up music in the track list, but the electronic development is dominant.

The live track "Hans Holmer" must be considered his first obvious social commentary in a song, something that eventually would become a trademark.

"Hans Holmer" was also recorded at a legendary gig at Lugnet gymnasiet (high school) where he as a freshman made an unforgettable impression on both fans and hecklers. I missed the gig, but it was because of it I heard of Arvid Tuba for the first time.

With several of these songs the misfit character of Arvid Tuba is also beginning to mould into a more distinct profile, familiar from his later releases.