Ascendant Masters ‎– Put The Bassdrum On

FXXX Off Records ‎– F.O.R.1, XS Rhythm Records ‎– 12 XSR 2
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, White Label


White label with info sticker on sleeve
Cat# on the sticker appears as F.O.R.1
XS Rhythm Records cat# 12 XSR 2 etched in the runouts

Note 'Put The Bassdrum On' also featured on the compilation 'Kaos Theory 2' released on XS Rhythm's parent label Telstar Records


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October 6, 2012
edited over 5 years ago
I guess the sample mentioned below is from <a href="">Prince of Darkness</a> by John Carpenter. --- Sorry, I was wrong...


September 20, 2007
edited over 8 years ago

"This information is channeled to you from The Ascendant Masters.... In the next ten years the world will undergo many changes....Citizens of Earth....Wake up!"

One of my favorite breakbeat hardcore tunes, this brims with confidence verging on arrogance, from the cocky name to the futuristic sounds contained in the grooves. Not only had The Ascendant Masters seen the future, they were generous enough to bring it to us mere mortals in vinyl form.

It’s actually a very complex track built on a fairly simple hard one note thudding bass line that keeps the rhythm as much as the beats, which vary from a lone kick drum to full-on breakbeat fury. There are dozens of vocal samples flying all over the place, all treated and chopped up in various ways, some sounding like gibbering insane Martians, others like wailing souls from hell. There’s also a fairly laid-back, almost disinterested voice repeating the title of the track every now and again, and what sound like elephants, trumpeting in time to the tune. You really need to play this one loud too, because there are all sorts of subtle spacey noises and effects shooting in and out of the mix.

Perhaps the strangest moment of all comes about three-quarters of the way in. It’s as if you’ve been listening to it in mono all through, and it suddenly changes to stereo for a few seconds – it’s a very weird moment and still takes me by surprise every time.

Presumably pressed up in small quantities in order to hawk it around record companies, it was picked up by Telstar for inclusion on their Kaos Theory 2 compilation. It was not included on the vinyl version however, but was pressed up with 3 other tracks as a white label 12" DJ promo. The mix Telstar decided to use for all the releases was number 2, a shorter more condensed version of mix 1. Mix 3 takes out much of the bass and drums, emphasising the more ambient noises.