Astronautalis ‎– Seven Freestyles In Seven Days

MC ‎– MCE 003
CD, Limited Edition


1 Talkin SXSW Music Conference Blues
2 I Don't Always Dream About Rappers...I Promise
3 The Dogs Are Always Faster
4 Lakefront Property
5 Without A Two Weeks Notice
6 Uncle Danny
7 The Waterfall


Limited tour cd of 1000.

from the inner sleeve:

I am going to be honest... I have gotten tired of freestyling. Alfter almost
12 years of battling, babbling, and begging for topics I wanted to find a way
to breathe some creativity into this thing I have spent so much time perfecting
before it sinks ino the hopeless abyss of gimmicks and parlor tricks....
So here it is, my first attempt at pulling something other than a rabbit out
of my hat: 7 freestyles, about 7 dreams, in 7 days.

For 1 week straight, I woke up every morning and wrote down what I had dreamt
(or what I remembered I had dreamt) from the night before. I then made a
simple beat that I felt would match the content of the dream and, in one take,
with no premeditation, I freestyled the story. These songs are rough, these
beats are basic, these are freestyles, the topics are not coming from "you, the
handsome audience"...but from deep within the creepy corners of my subconscious
mind. I hope you like what you see...don't mind the mess.