Atari Teenage Riot ‎– Live In Philadelphia Dec. 1997

Vinyl, LP

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April 13, 2015
edited over 3 years ago

Everything Cashman124 said is true, I go further and will say not only is it the most brutal ATR album, it's also their best. I thought about buying for quite some time, but was worried about the sound quality. The old DHR stuff doesn't sound exactly great by todays standards, somewhat flat, and seeing this album isn't going cheap on vinyl I really needed some time to convince myself to buy it. Of course the sound quality is not the best here either, especially when running in, but nowwhere near as bad as expected, as a matter of fact it's not bad at all. Comparable to a really good punk/indie live recording of the 80s. It just takes seconds to blow all doubts out of the water. Cashman124 didn't promise too much, with this recording they captured the sheer outrage that ATR once live was perfectly. As far as I'm concerned no act ever, past or present, was able to fill a room with such a dangerous level of energy, not even close, no one ever burned that bright. It's a miracle how they didn't fell victim to self combustion. I just now begin to realize how much of a wonder it actually is that they are, sad enough except for Carl, still alive today and didn't die of heart failure years ago. Seriously. It must have been exhaustive beyond imagination, even with huge amounts of speed and H.
Anyway, I consider myself blessed. I seriously doubt that I will get the chance to witness anything of that magnitude music wise in my lifetime again. If only they would have mercy and put out the old albums remastered on vinyl and make it a kick ass high quality box with unreleased stuff, artwork, book, nudity and other gimmicks, please ATR. Can't you see that CDs are just a cheap throw away product, made for the trash? Do I have to start a petition? Don't make me steal the remastered masters and put one together myself.


September 4, 2013
Man, this album.
If you're wondering how Atari Teenage Riot sounded back in the day, Live In Philadelphia pretty much showcase how brutal they REALLY were. The opening song, Get Up While You Can, has so much energy and power compared to studio recording version. It's almost nothing compared to the live version.
What I really love about this album is how heavy on vocals it is. All the members of Atari Teenage Riot really give a good shouting vocals, especially when all performers sings a part. Destroy 2000 Years of Culture is a good example how everyone contributes in vocals, since it's really an Alec song while Carl is MCing over it in the studio version.
To make this short, this is probably the most brutal ATR album. It's heavy, hectic, and just pure hardcore music.