Atavisma ‎– Where Wolves Once Dwelled

Dead Center Productions ‎– DCP-04714


1 The Savage One
2 Forsaken
3 Where The Wolves Once Dwelled
4 Nature's Warfare

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January 1, 2015
Listening to the demo of this new French band, I see a Neanderthal mourning in the caverns and knocking down the monoliths in anger... This is a quite cavernous affair.
The style they play is death doom, with many slow (Or double-kick ridden) tempos: This is mostly about the heaviness, or something quite rampant.
If you need to read the names of some possible influences, I could add those of FUNEBRARUM (Old), INCANTATION (Old... For the heaviness, and the vocals), with a bit of Finnish and Swedish Death metal thrown here and there.
Something reminds me of ooold American Death metal bands that were very much tending to the heaviness and somewhat "grotesque" side of things... (Unfortunately the names were erased from my mind by the time and dust, but I remember these sounded influenced by the first ROTTREVORE album's heaviness, and weren't so far from the first DECREPIT demo and Ep, if you follow my hammer... In lack of a better example, you could think MORTUOUS's 2nd demo doesn't sound far by moments).
I imagine some peoples could hear similarities with old GRAVE ("You'll never see...") for the heaviness, even if the atmosphere is different... In the case of ATAVISMA it is cold, quite necro, sometimes almost "grim" (Or possibly "funeral" in the most doomy parts).
A drum-machine was used, most of the time it doesn't bother my cavernous mourning (The drum samples are ok, and the programming is not "over the top"), except in the fast moments where some of the programming could be improved (To sound more natural).
Some moments show it's a first demo: Some guitars are a bit hesitating, and some structures aren't the best... But to counterbalance these points, some riffs aren't bad at all and there's quite some heaviness. The most interesting moments occur to take place in the most doomy and slow death doom patterns.
For a first recording, it's not a bad cavernous shot; Let's see how the band evolves and hope they will dig deeper in the underground to enlarge the size of their cavern... (Because as some of you might have noticed: The larger a cavern is, the stronger echoes of death will resonate).